Canadiana Oct 10 2022 Crossword Answer List

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Clues Answers
Acadian buckwheat pan-cake PLOYE
Adolescent TEEN
Aftershave soother TALC
Albanian currency LEKS
Alexander Keith creation ALE
Alphabet run CDEF
Assistance HELP
Become liable INCUR
Beehive SKEP
Bloc members ALLIES
Boredom ENNUI
Bull fighting manoever PASE
Caviar ROE
Circle parts ARCS
Concerning bristles SETAL
Cooks™ wear APRONS
Crossed, as arms AKIMBO
Drill part BIT
Eagleson, for one ALAN
Famed English dictionary, abbr OED
Fellow GUY
Ferrier™s tool FROE
Fiddler crabs UCA
Foundered SUNK
Get together again REUNE
Greek city NEMEA
Inuit dish of whale skin and blubber MUKTUK
Japanese rock band KRA
Looks surreptitiously PEEKS
Mistake ERROR
Most wan PALEST
Newfie fried bread and molasses TOUTON
Newfie spruce gum FRANKUM
Not one NONE
Obloquy, in a way MUD
Over, to F.S. Key OER
Peasant PEON
Portent OMEN
Quebec-made salty blue cheese ERMITE
Quebec-made shredded pork and onions CRETONS
Rainbows etc SPECTRA
Roll up FURL
Sales person, slangily REP
Scotland™s Isle of ____ SKYE
Small in Saguenay PETIT
Square glazed doughnut DUTCHIE
Surprise STUN
Tolkien entities ENTS
Tripod EASEL
Tropical hardwood TEAK
Ukrainian Easter bread PASKA
Used car, sometimes DEMO
Yours and mine OURS
___ live and breathe ASI
____ Champlain LAC
_____ already! ENOUGH