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Random information on the term “USE”:

The United States of Europe, the European state, the European federation, and Federal Europe are names used to refer to several similar hypothetical scenarios of the unification of Europe as a single sovereign federation of states, similar to the United States of America, both as projected by writers of speculative fiction and science fiction, and by political scientists, politicians, geographers, historians, and futurologists. At present, while the European Union (EU) is not officially a federation, various academic observers regard it as having the characteristics of a federal system.

Specifically, the term United States of Europe – as a direct comparison with the United States of America – would imply that all the European states would acquire a status similar to that of a US state, becoming constituent parts of a European federation acting as one country.

Various versions of the concept have developed over the centuries, many of which are mutually incompatible (inclusion or exclusion of the United Kingdom, secular or religious union, etc.). Such proposals include those from Bohemian King George of Podebrady in 1464; Duc de Sully of France in the seventeenth century; and the plan of William Penn, the Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, for the establishment of a “European Dyet, Parliament or Estates.”

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Random information on the term “NORM”:

Background radiation is the ionizing radiation present in the environment. Background radiation originates from a variety of sources, both natural and artificial. Sources include cosmic radiation, naturally occurring radioactive materials such as radon, and fallout from nuclear weapons testing and nuclear accidents.

The term background radiation can have different meanings, depending whether we are considering an ambient radiation dose, or we wish to differentiate between an incidental background and a particular source of radiation of concern.

For example, in considering radiation safety , background radiation is defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency as “Dose or dose rate (or an observed measure related to the dose or dose rate) attributable to all sources other than the one(s) specified. So a distinction is made between sources of dose which are incidentally in a location, which are defined here as being “background”, and the dose due to a specified source. This is important where radiation measurements are taken of a specified radiation source, and the incidental background may affect this measurement. An example would be detection of radioactive contamination in a gamma ray background, which could increase the total reading above that expected from the contamination alone.

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Random information on the term “TAX”:

Government revenue is money received by a government. It is an important tool of the fiscal policy of the government and is the opposite factor of government spending. Revenues earned by the government are received from sources such as taxes levied on the incomes and wealth accumulation of individuals and corporations and on the goods and services produced, exports and imports, non-taxable sources such as government-owned corporations’ incomes, central bank revenue and capital receipts in the form of external loans and debts from international financial institutions. It is used to benefit the country.Governments use revenue to better develop the country it is used to fix roads, build homes, fix school etc. The money that government collects to pay for the services that is provided for the people. The sources of finance used by the central government are mainly taxes paid by the public

Governments across the world earn “public revenue” from the following main sources:

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Random information on the term “MODE”:

In linguistics, grammatical mood (also mode) is a grammatical feature of verbs, used for signaling modality.:p.181; That is, it is the use of verbal inflections that allow speakers to express their attitude toward what they are saying (e.g. a statement of fact, of desire, of command, etc.). The term is also used more broadly to describe the syntactic expression of modality, that is, the use of verb phrases that do not involve inflexion of the verb itself.

Mood is distinct from grammatical tense or grammatical aspect, although the same word patterns are used for expressing more than one of these meanings at the same time in many languages, including English and most other modern Indo-European languages. (See tense–aspect–mood for a discussion of this.)

Some examples of moods are indicative, interrogatory, imperative, emphatic, subjunctive, injunctive, optative, potential. These are all finite forms of the verb. Infinitives, gerunds, and participles, which are non-finite forms of the verb, are not considered to be examples of moods.

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Random information on the term “WAY”:

The WAY-FM Network is a national, non-profit radio broadcasting network in the United States that primarily plays Contemporary Christian music operating in 12 states (as of December 2016). It is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while most programming originates in Franklin, Tennessee.

On July 1, 2013, WAY-FM ceased providing programming to non-owned stations via satellite, with the exception of the network morning show, The Wally Show.

WAY Media, Inc. has been in existence since 1987. The non-profit corporation began as a single FM radio station in Fort Myers, Florida.

In the early 1980s, Bob and Felice Augsburg were residing in Fort Myers, where Bob was working as the Program Director at WSOR, a Christian Radio Station formatted for older adults. Bob and Felice have said that they “were compelled by the burden to see a younger audience reached and Bob began producing a Saturday evening broadcast geared for youth.” This program, which aired on WSOR, became the springboard for Christian Rock concerts in the area and the impetus for a 24/7 station with this type of format.

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Random information on the term “WONT”:

WBYD-CD is a digital Class A low-power television station in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, licensed to broadcast digitally on channel 39. Owned by Fifth Street Enterprises, LLC, it broadcasts from the WQED tower in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Until 2015, the station was licensed to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It is famous for televising a live auction for two years from 2001 to 2002. The station is not carried on any local cable TV system or DBS provider in the Pittsburgh area.

W35AZ signed on in the early 1990s on analog channel 35. It was a Network One affiliate for the life of the short-lived network. After the demise of Network One, the station became an affiliate of America’s Collectibles Network. In 2001, it changed its call letters to WONT-LP, and started broadcasting live programming from its studios, which at the time were located at the Eastland Mall in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.

WANT-TV was a live auction of salvage merchandise that ran from 7 PM until midnight daily. Originally, the show had multiple hosts, but by the first six months of the show, Cheryl McCall became the show’s main host. As a low-budget, live six-hour show, the show gained a cult following from college students and over the air viewers in the Pittsburgh area.

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