Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/28/19 Movie Monday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/28/19 Movie Monday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
8 Cash dispenser: Abbr. ATM
11 Guideline for players of a game Rule
12 Bird that’s a symbol of Australia Emu
13 Young marsupial in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Roo
14 Actor who starred in both the Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings movie franchises: 2 wds. Orlando Bloom
17 Impudent talk Sass
18 Know the ins and ___ of Outs
19 Timber Wood
21 ___ voyage! Bon
22 With 35-Across actress who starred in both the Hunger Games and X-Men movie franchises Jennifer
25 Not brightly colored or interesting Drab
29 Twist my ___ Arm
30 Was broadcast on television Aired
32 Honest ___ (President Lincoln informally) Abe
33 Gather for a conference Meet
35 See 22-Across Lawrence
37 Sewn-up edge of a skirt Hem
39 Gives a helping hand to Aids
40 Create a ___ (cause trouble) Stir
42 Dance ___ nobody’s watching (Be uninhibited): 2 wds. As If
44 Actor who starred in both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie franchises: 2 wds. Harrison Ford
49 Signs off on OKs
50 What the metal man in Oz was made of Tin
51 Website that was originally called AuctionWeb Ebay
52 Rain-drenched Wet
53 Never-___-die attitude Say
54 Flavor of a green Life Saver Lime
1 Guy pal in slang Bro
2 Let this be ___ little secret Our


Number Clues Answers
3 Entire amount All
4 Spring or summer for example Season
5 Gets hitched until death do us part Weds
6 Singer/songwriter Tori Amos
7 Shoulder ___ (quick massage) Rub
8 Beat ___ the bush Around
9 Beep as a horn Toot
10 Women who have kids Moms
15 Perfect 10 gymnast Comaneci Nadia
16 Bathroom in Bristol Loo
19 ___ number one! (sports cheer) Were
20 You can count ___: 2 wds. On Me
21 Cold ___ coffee (java that’s not made with hot water) Brew
22 Pearl ___ (Jeremy band) Jam
23 Movie Film
24 Swing ___ (time when big band music was popular) Era
26 Road atlas publisher ___ McNally Rand
27 Basics learned in preschool ABCs
28 Honey-making buzzer Bee
31 Circling the ___ (about to go down the tubes) Drain
34 Desert wanderer’s parched feeling Thirst
36 ___ Tower (tallest structure in Paris) Eiffel
38 Make mistakes Err
40 The Graham Norton ___ (BBC comedy program) Show
41 I’ll ___ my chances Take
42 Where Pakistan is Asia
43 Company that makes the PlayStation Sony
45 ___ now or never! Its
46 ___-Wan Kenobi Obi
47 Lamb’s father Ram
48 Easter egg colorant Dye