Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/6/20 Movie Monday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/6/20
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Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 1/6/20
Movie Monday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
8 Shrewd Sly
11 Clean with soap and water Wash
12 Death ___ (2018 Bruce Willis movie) Wish
13 Pizza order Pie
14 Forensic scientist played by Aimee Garcia on Lucifer Ella
15 Long-ago Peruvian Inca
16 ___ Max (Sweet but Psycho pop singer) Ava
17 Best Director Oscar winner for Dances With Wolves who was a Worst Director Razzie winner for The Postman: 2 wds. Kevin Costner
20 SNL regular Nwodim Ego
21 Drink that might be green or brown Tea
22 Organization for doctors: Abbr. Ama
25 On a scale of ___ to ten … One
27 Decorates as a cake Ices
31 Best Actress Oscar winner for The Blind Side who was a Worst Actress Razzie winner for All About Steve: 2 wds. Sandra Bullock
35 Emmy and Tony winner David ___ Pierce Hyde
36 Youth men’s group that has merit badges: Abbr. BSA
37 Baby in blue often Boy
38 Tummy muscles Abs
41 Laundry detergent in a red jug Era
43 Best Actor Oscar winner for On the Waterfront who was a Worst Supporting Actor Razzie winner for The Island of Dr. Moreau: 2 wds. Marlon Brando
49 Mexico’s northern neighbor: Abbr. USA
50 The voice of the iPhone Siri
51 Male parents Dads
53 Occupy a chair Sit
54 Drove fast enough to get pulled over Sped
55 The shallowest of the Great Lakes Erie
56 ___-been (over-the-hill celebrity) Has


Number Clues Answers
57 Wood in Ginny Weasley’s wand in the Harry Potter books Yew
58 Meal often eaten at campsites Stew
1 I don’t ___ you anything (What have you ever done for me?) Owe
2 Lecture Talk
3 The Emerald ___ (nickname for Ireland) Isle
4 Eliminate facial stubble Shave
5 Element found in gunmetal and brass Zinc
6 Broad necktie Ascot
7 ___ out (gradually remove) Phase
8 Distance between bridge supports Span
9 Not prerecorded Live
10 12 months Year
12 Actress Ryder who starred in Heathers Winona
18 Name of the lab assistant in many horror movies Igor
19 Pig’s curly appendage Tail
22 Fireplace residue Ash
23 Month that’s a vegetable when it’s spelled backward May
24 Grace ___ Frankie (Netflix comedy) And
26 Flow back as the tide Ebb
28 Corn on the ___ Cob
29 ___-warrior (environmental activist) Eco
30 Where clouds are Sky
32 Distribute playing cards Deal
33 It’s typed before a password when you’re logging in: 2 wds. User ID
34 ___ Flynn Boyle of Twin Peaks Lara
39 Overbearing and domineering Bossy
40 Take potshots Snipe
42 South American mountain range Andes
43 Command to a team of sled dogs Mush
44 China’s continent Asia
45 Rodents in sewers Rats
46 Witch’s concoction Brew
47 What a game warden’s tranquilizer gun fires Dart
48 Garfield’s drooling pal Odie
52 Stitch a seam or a hem Sew