Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/24/19 19 TV Tuesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/24/19 19
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Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 12/24/19 19
TV Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
8 Colorado ski resort Vail
12 Mental creations Ideas
14 It’s often mixed with vinegar Oil
15 ___ Woods (Reese Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde role) Elle
16 Grind as one’s teeth Gnash
17 Well done! to a matador Ole
18 You can ___ it to the bank Take
19 CW show on which Cress Williams played the mayor of Bluebell Alabama: 3 wds. Hart of Dixie
22 Vast body of water Sea
23 Strong and pungent in terms of smell or taste Acrid
26 Computer key to the left of F1 ESC
29 Blockers actor Barinholtz Ike
32 Lunch is served so dig in!: 2 wds. Eat Up
34 CW show that stars Cress Williams in the lead superhero role: 2 wds. Black Lightning
38 Casablanca actor Humphrey’s nickname Bogie
39 Digit on a foot Toe
40 Government group that helps fund PBS: Abbr. NEA
41 French cap that’s often worn on an angle Beret
43 The ___ and the Grasshopper (fable by Aesop) Ant
46 CBS show on which Cress Williams played Detective Ed Williams: 3 wds. Close to Home
52 Greenish-blue color Teal
55 Grants approval for Oks
56 Changed the decor of Redid
57 Unit of measure for a Realtor Acre
58 Where you apply Blistex Lip
59 You’re ___ friends here Among
60 Vessels for boiling water Pots
61 Pen for porkers Sty
62 Scary-sounding Great Lake Erie


Number Clues Answers
1 Hold in ___ regard High
2 Krabappel who was Bart and Lisa Simpson’s teacher Edna
3 King ___ (Shakespeare play) Lear
4 Poles that hold a ship’s sails Masts
5 What a cafeteria serves Food
6 Actress Reinhart of Hustlers Lili
7 Amazon Echo’s voice assistant Alexa
8 Person honored on November 11 in the United States Veteran
9 In the style of on menus: 2 wds. Ala
10 Type or category Ilk
11 Author Child who created Jack Reacher Lee
13 Jimmy Choo product Shoe
20 Flunk as an exam Fail
21 Law & Order: SVU actor: Hyph. Ice T
24 Don’t rub ___!: 2 wds. It In
25 Desert mound Dune
26 Subside like the tide Ebb
27 Super-messy person Slob
28 Nicolas of Moonstruck Cage
30 Package that might contain an unassembled model plane Kit
31 Problem for a bigheaded person Ego
33 Athletic group with a tour: Abbr. PGA
35 Round shapes you can draw with a protractor Circles
36 Backbone of a ship Keel
37 Miami NBA team that retired Alonzo Mourning’s #33 Heat
42 Hammer and wrench for example Tools
44 You’ve Got Mail director Ephron Nora
45 Opening song for a TV show Theme
47 Bit of sketch comedy Skit
48 TV award for athletes ESPY
49 Funky aroma Odor
50 Prefix with van or muffin Mini
51 Border Edge
52 Source of water in a kitchen Tap
53 Prefix for Earth-friendly things Eco
54 ___ Appreciation (college course) Art