Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 4/14/19 People Sunday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 4/14/19 People Sunday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 4/14/19 People Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
9 Had a snack Ate
12 Like vehicles sold by CarMax Used
13 Cheers actress Perlman Rhea
14 ___ down the law Lay
15 Widows actor Neeson Liam
16 Complex with lots of stores Mall
17 Tool that’s thrown in lumberjack competitions Axe
18 Socialite with a celebrity fragrance called Heiress: 2 wds. Paris Hilton
21 Number of players needed for cribbage Two
22 Applies gently as paint Dabs
25 Long-eared beast of burden Ass
28 ___ Lilly (pharmaceutical company that sells Prozac) Eli
30 A ___ Jolly Christmas (holiday song) Holly
31 NBA Hall of Famer with a celebrity fragrance called 23: 2 wds. Michael Jordan
34 What buoys do in the water Float
35 Decisive blows from boxers: Abbr. KOs
36 Fresh Off the Boat network ABC
37 Butterfly cousin you might find in a closet Moth
38 What a nod signifies Yes
40 Singer/songwriter with a celebrity fragrance called Wonderstruck: 2 wds. Taylor Swift
47 Mindhunter organization: Abbr. FBI
49 German automaker with a four-ring logo Audi
50 ___ Britt (Desperate Housewives character) Edie
51 Agency known for its Form 1040: Abbr. IRS
52 Surprise attack as from pirates Raid
53 2019 Grammy winner ___ Mai Ella
54 Opposite of yeah Nah
55 Hill of sand Dune
56 Fellow member of a jury Peer


Number Clues Answers
1 What unstrained orange juice contains Pulp
2 Earth’s largest continent Asia
3 Prickly ___ (fruit-bearing type of cactus) Pear
4 Own up to Admit
5 Either of the openings in a vest Armhole
6 Spicy tea from India Chai
7 Inform Tell
8 Great ___ Lake (body of water in Utah) Salt
9 Portrayer of Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H: 2 wds. Alan Alda
10 Retail price add-on Tax
11 Hurricane’s center Eye
19 Perspire Sweat
20 ___-Eaters (brand of shoe insoles) Odor
23 Carelessly reveal secrets Blab
24 Lip ___ Battle (Paramount Network show) Sync
25 Having two bands like a car radio AMFM
26 Tower filled with grain Silo
27 Like kilt wearers usually Scottish
29 Of the same ___ (similar) Ilk
30 Water sprayers on fire trucks Hoses
32 That’s hysterical!: Hyph. Haha
33 Pleasure outing in a stolen vehicle Joy Ride
39 Clean the floor with a broom Sweep
41 Area within a picket fence Yard
42 Hawaiian feast Luau
43 Father of Thor and Loki Odin
44 ___ chatter (unimportant conversation) Idle
45 Tool for shaping fingernails File
46 Word that can go before drop or jerker Tear
47 Nemo has a lucky right one in Finding Nemo Fin
48 Undergarment with cups Bra