Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/17/19 Sports Fan Friday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/17/19 Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/17/19 Sports Fan Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
8 ___-Seltzer (brand of antacid) Alka
12 Dog in a Jim Davis comic strip Odie
13 French actress Green Eva
14 Main star of a movie Lead
15 High-flying West Coast team that became the Milwaukee Brewers: 2 wds. Seattle Pilots
18 Snorkel’s nickname in Beetle Bailey Sarge
19 Band whose final top 40 hit was Bang and Blame Rem
20 Yoko who collaborated with John Lennon on the Double Fantasy album Ono
22 Sound when a person dives into a pool Splash
27 Cable channel that airs Unsolved and Queen of the South USA
30 The Lord of the Rings beast Orc
32 Largest city in Norway Oslo
33 Fair Canadian team that became the Washington Nationals: 2 wds. Montreal Expos
37 Glass part of a window Pane
38 72 for many golf courses Par
39 Complete collection Set
40 Highest suit in bridge Spades
43 ___ Doubtfire (1993 Robin Williams movie) Mrs
45 Molecule extracted from crime lab samples: Abbr. DNA
47 Available from a keg: 2 wds. On Tap
51 Colorful Midwest team that became the Baltimore Orioles: 3 wds. St Louis Browns
56 Open to students of any gender like most colleges Coed
57 Vietnamese noodle soup Pho
58 Funny people Wits
59 Tablet you might use an Apple Pencil on iPad
60 ___ Education (Netflix series) Sex
61 Foul mood Snit
1 Supervisor at the office Boss
2 Brainstorm Idea


Number Clues Answers
3 Falsehood teller Liar
4 Release as a prisoner: 2 wds. Let Go
5 Hair salon goo Gel
6 Word that can follow when which or who Ever
7 Audio recordings Tapes
8 Beyond ___ reason All
9 Person who is likely proud and ambitious in astrology Leo
10 Kit ___ (candy bar) Kat
11 They cost over $5 million each during this year’s Super Bowl Ads
16 Male voice range higher than baritone Tenor
17 Little troublemaker Imp
21 Mine rock Ore
23 Smoked salmon Lox
24 Egyptian snakes Asps
25 ___ gin fizz (mixed drink) Sloe
26 Give a party Host
27 Baseball arbiters for short Umps
28 Bar used to wash your hands Soap
29 Actress Kendrick or Paquin Anna
31 Highest part of a baseball uniform Cap
34 Danson of The Good Place Ted
35 On the ___ (fleeing justice) Lam
36 Mistake Error
41 End of a university’s URL Edu
42 Small cuts Snips
44 Creates a white blanket in the yard Snows
46 Arthur ___ Stadium (US Open tennis venue) Ashe
48 Sibling who shares your birthday Twin
49 ___-inflammatory drugs Anti
50 Whispered sound used to draw someone’s attention Psst
51 Poli ___ (college major for short) Sci
52 Take it from the ___ (Again!) Top
53 Orange Is the New Black actress DeLaria Lea
54 Unconventional Odd
55 Fight for sport Box