Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/28/19 TV Tuesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/28/19 TV Tuesday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 5/28/19 TV Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
9 Long bone on a crocodile Jaw
12 Furniture chain whose logo includes a yellow oval Ikea
13 Small image on a computer Icon
14 Actress Gabor who starred on the 1960s sitcom Green Acres Eva
15 Food writer who is a former judge on The Great British Baking Show: 2 wds. Mary Berry
17 How ___ that happen? Did
18 B-flat for example Note
19 Back of a 45 rpm record: 2 wds. Bside
21 Arm parts that macaroni noodles resemble Elbows
24 George W. Bush to George H.W. Bush Son
25 Gen ___ (person in the baby bust demographic) Xer
26 Sign as a check Endorse
30 Celebrity chef who is a judge on The Great British Baking Show: 2 wds. Paul Hollywood
34 Add-ons for a new car Options
35 Make faces at the camera Mug
36 Family-oriented group that celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week: Abbr. PTA
37 Ticket scalper’s transaction Resale
40 Alloy containing copper and zinc Brass
43 Red vegetable used in salads Beet
44 Go on the ___ (flee) Lam
45 Restaurateur and food columnist who is a judge on The Great British Baking Show: 2 wds. Prue Leith
50 Mineral that yields metal Ore
51 Rowing implements Oars
52 Fruit with supposed antioxidant benefits Acai
53 Perfect score on some scales Ten
54 Use a laptop keyboard Type
55 Schleps Lugs
1 South ___ (touristy part of the Grand Canyon) Rim
2 Letters between a real name and a fake one Aka


Number Clues Answers
3 Points ___ game (basketball statistic) Per
4 Give a negative reply: 2 wds. Say No
5 Weight-loss plans Diets
6 Unit of farm area Acre
7 That’s neither here ___ there Nor
8 ___ home? (question from someone at the front door) Anybody
9 Master knight or padawan in the Star Wars movies Jedi
10 Extremely eager Avid
11 NBA star Dwyane who retired in April Wade
16 Front of a ship Bow
20 Weather mentioned in many Christmas carols Snow
21 Convention center event for short Expo
22 … one giant ___ for mankind (Neil Armstrong quote) Leap
23 Champagne designation meaning dry Brut
24 Weekend Update show: Abbr. SNL
26 2012 British Open winner Ernie Els
27 Capital of Italy in Italian Roma
28 I love you heart and ___ Soul
29 Cutting-___ (very current) Edge
31 Body parts that may get chapped in cold weather Lips
32 Location with Wi-Fi access: 2 wds. Hot Spot
33 ___ temporary basis (just for now): 2 wds. On A
37 Film star Witherspoon Reese
38 Fish that swims among reefs Eel
39 Purloin Steal
40 Ink smear Blot
41 Few and far between Rare
42 How to end a prayer Amen
43 Rude sound to make after a meal Burp
46 Comic actor Romano Ray
47 Hospital area that contains IV drips: Abbr. ICU
48 Game where the goal is to avoid being touched Tag
49 ___ Royal Highness (king’s address) His