Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 7/10/18 TV Tuesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 7/10/18 TV Tuesday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
7 Period before or after a musical’s intermission Act
10 “Now ___ heard everything!” Ive
11 85-year-old musician Yoko Ono
12 Word that can follow “strapless” or “push-up” Bra
13 “The Goodbye Girl” actress who played a grandma on “The Middle”: 2 wds. Marsha Mason
16 Tina Turner’s vocal range Alto
17 “Well dang!” Heck
18 Hero whose secret identity is Bruce Wayne Batman
22 Person who’s no newbie at something Pro
25 2010 Emmy nominee ___ Michele Lea
26 Job for a lawyer Case
30 “Think Like a Man” actress who plays a grandma on “Black-ish”: 2 wds. Jenifer Lewis
33 Canned meat that’s very popular in the Philippines Spam
34 Business suit accessory Tie
35 Where a kid sits when talking to Santa Lap
36 Apple device that features Siri iPhone
39 “Now ___ the matter at hand …”: 2 wds. As To
41 Hawaiian necklaces Leis
45 “Bullets Over Broadway” actress who plays a grandma on “Life in Pieces”: 2 wds. Dianne Wiest
49 Word that shares a key with “option” on Mac keyboards Alt
50 Feeling of reverence Awe
51 Prefix that means “recent” Neo
52 “___ Letter Blues” (episode of “The Simpsons”) Moe
53 Understand like a punch line Get
54 Cowboy’s affirmative Yep
1 Peruvian capital that is South America’s fourth largest metropolitan area Lima
2 Humpty Dumpty’s shape basically Oval
3 Ernie’s “Sesame Street” buddy Bert
4 Play-___ Fun Tub (Hasbro toy) Doh
5 Big fish ___ small pond: 2 wds. In A
6 Mother Mom


Number Clues Answers
7 It “makes the heart grow fonder” Absence
8 Dangerous animal in a swamp for short Croc
9 Small aquarium Tank
14 Weep noisily Sob
15 Band best known for the hit “Take On Me”: Hyph. Aha
19 Furry title character of a 1986-1990 sitcom Alf
20 Molars and incisors for example Teeth
21 ___ Kart 8 Deluxe (video game) Mario
22 Bedtime apparel for short PJs
23 Single part of a set of exercises Rep
24 Swear ___ stack of Bibles: 2 wds. On A
27 Tool used to pierce leather Awl
28 Pop singer known for wigs that hide her face Sia
29 Alleged ability to read minds: Abbr. ESP
31 Be a copycat of Imitate
32 Spy novelist Deighton Len
37 “___ de Replay” (Rihanna’s first hit) Pon
38 Olivia’s father on “Scandal” Eli
39 Eve’s husband Adam
40 Rural tower that may be part of a grain elevator Silo
42 “___ meeny miney mo …” Eeny
43 “It’s all clear to me now”: 2 wds. I See
44 “Knock it off!” Stop
46 Henpeck Nag
47 She might have a little lamb Ewe
48 Not dry Wet