Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 7/5/19 Sports Fan Friday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 7/5/19 Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
7 What tailors do Sew
10 Finds the tally Adds
12 Crepe ___ (kitchen tool) Pan
13 Stubborn animal Mule
14 Oilers captain who is the most recent NHL player to win the Art Ross Trophy (for most points in the regular season) twice: 2 wds. Connor McDavid
17 Appalachian ___ (path in the eastern US) Trail
18 Fruit that has Bartlett and Anjou varieties Pear
19 Actress Rosamund of Gone Girl Pike
21 ___ Bong (Inside Out character resembling a pink elephant) Bing
24 Movie group that produces lists such as 100 Years … 100 Stars: Abbr. AFI
27 The Front Runner actress Farmiga Vera
29 Legends of Tomorrow actor McDonough Neal
31 With 33-Across Penguins captain who is the second-most recent NHL player to win the Art Ross Trophy twice Sidney
33 See 31-Across Crosby
35 La ___ Bonita (Madonna song) Isla
36 Cut from the ___ cloth Same
38 What a golfer balances a ball on Tee
39 Stitched edges of blouses Hems
41 Centipedes have lots of them Legs
43 Operatic number Aria
45 One brand name of the pain medication naproxen Aleve
49 Former Lightning captain who is the third-most recent NHL player to win the Art Ross Trophy twice: 3 wds. Martin St Louis
53 Where the Great Salt Lake is Utah
54 Kyle’s Canadian brother on South Park Ike
55 Get ready as for surgery Prep
56 Amethyst or sapphire for example Gem
57 Get some color at the beach Tan
58 Pick on someone your ___ size! Own
1 True piece of information Fact


Number Clues Answers
2 Stench Odor
3 ___ Mode (The Incredibles character) Edna
4 Month when the Boston Marathon takes place: Abbr. APR
5 Put a ___ on things (spoil the fun) Damper
6 Going ___ going twice … (cry at an auction) Once
7 Vehicle that’s typically a gas guzzler: Abbr. SUV
8 This Is ___ Young Band: Greatest Hits (2019 album) Eli
9 Joined in marriage Wed
11 Small cut Snip
13 Hall of Fame quarterback Dan who played for the Miami Dolphins Marino
15 Small fruit often seen in a martini Olive
16 Gently pat with a napkin Dab
20 They open locks Keys
22 What a bird lays eggs in Nest
23 Phillies manager Kapler Gabe
24 It’s just ___ feared!: 2 wds. As I
25 Symbol for Pisces Fish
26 ___ hands are the devil’s playground Idle
28 Corporation that makes gadgets for Wile E. Coyote Acme
30 Harsh chemical in some cleansers Lye
32 Hall of Fame quarterback known as Broadway Joe Namath
34 Midsize Buick model Regal
37 The 49th state to join the union Alaska
40 ___ Lanka (Asian country) Sri
42 Hogs’ food Slop
44 Stop rubbing my nose ___: 2 wds. In It
46 Currency that replaced the franc the lira and many others Euro
47 Talk show starring Whoopi Goldberg with The View
48 Cable channel that shows lots of instant replays ESPN
49 Large cup for coffee or cocoa Mug
50 Got rid of hunger Ate
51 Strike head-on Ram
52 Bill denomination with a portrait of Alexander Hamilton Ten