Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 8/10/20 Movie Monday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 8/10/20 Movie Monday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
The seven of diamonds, for example Card
“Braveheart” star Gibson Mel
“Skyfall” and “Someone Like You” singer Adele
Cosmetics brand whose name sounds like 25-Down Olay
Wrath Ire
Rich ore deposits Lodes
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a ___” (“Gone With the Wind” line) Damn
Ignited Lit
Gold bar Ingot
2000 adventure film directed by and starring Clint Eastwood: 2 wds. Space Cowboys
Sylvester Stallone’s nickname Sly
What we breathe Air
Large artery that comes from the heart’s left ventricle Aorta
___ capita personal income Per
Pioneering ISP AOL
1971 thriller directed by and starring Clint Eastwood: 4 wds. Play Misty For Me
Office supply item that might be felt-tip or ballpoint Pen
Cul-de-___ (dead end) Sac
Video game sidekick who wears a green cap Luigi
Feel ill Ail
Settle down on a sofa Sit
1983 Dirty Harry movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood: 2 wds. Sudden Impact
“I’ll take care of it!”: 2 wds. Cando
Praiseful poem Ode
Attire Garb
Dentist’s tool Drill
The Caribbean, for example Sea
New York canal that was completed in 1825 Erie
Fills to excess Sates


Clues Answers
Corn serving Ear
Feature of a leopard’s coat Spot
Common food fish Cod
How Dumbledore would say “That’s too bad” Alas
Wheelchair-friendly entrance to a building Ramp
The CW prime-time soap opera about the Carringtons Dynasty
“Wrecking Ball” singer Cyrus Miley
Guitar great Clapton Eric
“Blade Runner 2049” actor Jared Leto
Suspect’s “I couldn’t have done it!” story Alibi
One who gives blood Donor
Wired on caffeine, perhaps Edgy
Many August births, astrologically Leos
Approximate attendance figure: Abbr. Est
Happy as a ___ Clam
On guard Wary
Smartphone program App
Common cheer used by Spanish speakers Ole
Participated in a footrace Ran
Commercial about the dangers of vaping or bullying, for example: Abbr. PSA
And so forth: Abbr. ETC
MSNBC host Melber Ari
2010 #1 hit for Usher and will.i.am OMG
Floral neckwear that has plastic versions available at many party supply stores Lei
Typical setting for a season of “Survivor” Isle
Fix up and resell for a profit Flip
Interruptions in electrical power Outages
Throw into confusion Addle
Adam Lambert and Phillip Phillips were two Idols
Lipstick smudge Smear
Bareilles who released the 2019 album “Amidst the Chaos” Sara
Condo division Unit
Pinocchio’s most notable feature Nose
“I’ve got an ___!” (“I know what might work!”) Idea
Fish in a koi pond Carp
Group with one less member than a quartet Trio
Music items largely overshadowed by digital purchases: Abbr. CDs
Put $50 on the result of a horse race, for example Bet