Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 8/12/20 Wayback Wednesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 8/12/20 Wayback Wednesday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Catch some ___ (receive criticism) Flak
Spaghetti or fettuccine, for example Pasta
“Birds ___ feather flock together”: 2 wds. Of A
Small amount, or a Greek vowel Iota
Audibly Aloud
Burst, as a balloon Pop
1992 House of Pain song that inspired a bouncing dance craze: 2 wds. Jump Around
“My Feet ___ Killing Me” (TLC series) Are
“Everything will be fine”: 2 wds. Its Ok
Federal agency that monitors air and water: Abbr. EPA
Make a muscle Flex
Method Way
“Every Little Thing ___ Does Is Magic” (Police song) She
Item posted on Pinterest or Instagram, for short Pic
___ trip (vain activity) Ego
___ light (cigarette label) Ultra
1990 MC Hammer song that inspired a hip-hop dance craze: 4 wds. U Cant Touch This
Reduce to mush in a food processor Puree
___-la-la (musical syllables) Tra
“That’s disgusting!” Ugh
Strike symbols, in bowling Xes
“Bless This Mess” actress Grier Pam
Homer and Marge’s only son Bart
“He ___ another think coming!” Has
“La ___” (1987 biopic about Ritchie Valens) Bamba
Unrefined metal Ore
1983 Michael Jackson song that inspired a moonwalk dance craze: 2 wds. Billie Jean
“Born as,” before a maiden name Nee
Opposite of rural Urban


Clues Answers
Skip over Omit
Long-haired animal of Mongolia Yak
Doesn’t go away Stays
Actress’s part in a film Role
Brand of water sourced from a South Pacific island nation Fiji
Clumsy person Lout
Cash dispensers: Abbr. ATMs
Cartoonish sound of a punch Kapow
On a ___ with (equal in importance to) Par
Ingredient in many lip balms Aloe
Hot food eaten from a bowl or sipped from a cup Soup
Bluefin and albacore, for example Tunas
Contribute Add
Iridescent gem Opal
___ and aft (both ends of a boat) Fore
Tip-top Apex
Peter Parker, ___ Spider-Man: Abbr. Aka
Sensed with the hand Felt
Up until today Yet
“Beg pardon? I didn’t catch that” Huh
Young wolf Pup
Where a patient might go after the ER: Abbr. ICU
Automobile Car
“I’ve ___ something to say to you” Got
“Time of ___ Lives” (song by Pitbull and Ne-Yo) Our
Day before Friday: Abbr. Thu
Tractor-trailer Rig
Evidence of a fire Ash
From one moment to the ___ Next
Casual top that might have a crew neck or V-neck Tee
Soft hat with a visor Cap
Garment with cuffs and buttons Shirt
Nickname of Grampa Simpson Abe
Women’s studies or psychology, for some college students Major
Like fish that hasn’t been filleted Bony
0.19 square miles, for Vatican City (the world’s smallest country) Area
Stink horribly Reek
Actress Jessica of the “Sin City” movies Alba
What Buffy would do to a vampire or demon Slay
Note sent to all office workers, perhaps Memo
Scoop water out of a boat Bail
Up the ___ (raise the stakes) Ante
Vehicle for many schoolkids Bus
Drive-___ (movie theaters that made a comeback this year) Ins