Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 9/21/18 Sports Fan Friday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 9/21/18 Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
8 Dance on the beaches of Kauai Hula
12 Running shoe company Avia
13 Cock-a-doodle-___ (rooster’s cry) Doo
14 The Last Ship star ___ Dane Eric
15 Beast Mode running back who came out of retirement in 2017 to play for the Oakland Raiders: 2 wds. Marshawn Lynch
18 Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito
19 Alias: Abbr. Aka
20 Reach for the ___! (gunslinger’s demand) Sky
21 Discontinue End
23 What a good boy ___! (what Little Jack Horner said): 2 wds. Am I
25 Darth Vader’s nickname as a child Ani
28 Spaceballs actor DeLuise Dom
30 Position held by Cheney Biden or Pence for short Veep
34 US swimmer who came out of retirement in 2014 to swim at the Rio Olympics: 2 wds. Michael Phelps
38 ___-Seltzer Alka
39 One might say Delete or Caps Lock Key
40 Patricia Cornwell protagonist ___ Scarpetta Kay
41 Last Call With Carson Daly network NBC
44 3.0 for a B student: Abbr. GPA
46 What waves do during low tide Ebb
49 Author Levin who wrote Rosemary’s Baby and Deathtrap Ira
51 Corporate VIPs for short Execs
55 Rumble in the Jungle boxer who came out of retirement in 1987 and later won the heavyweight title: 2 wds. George Foreman
58 Part of a chromosome Gene
59 Clarence Clemons’s instrument for short Sax
60 What a star might ride through Hollywood in Limo
61 Daisy’s stalk Stem
62 Attempt Try
63 Pack away Stow


Number Clues Answers
1 Toddler’s word for mother Mama
2 Not-quite-circular shape Oval
3 Apple Watch assistant Siri
4 There’s no accounting for ___ Taste
5 Handheld device that was largely phased out due to smartphones: Abbr. PDA
6 Its nickname is the Hawkeye State Iowa
7 Company known for its toy trucks Tonka
8 Yo! Hey
9 Large coffee dispensers Urns
10 Kiss from a dog’s tongue Lick
11 Feeling sore after lifting weights perhaps Achy
16 Automaker that produces the Legend and Fit Honda
17 Take it on the ___ (flee justice) Lam
22 Female hamster or deer Doe
24 ___ made a huge mistake! Ive
25 Professional organization whose website has a Delivering Care section: Abbr. AMA
26 Zilch Nil
27 Word that’s similar to Yuck! and Ugh! Ick
29 Initials of the man whose holiday is in mid-January MLK
31 Animal related to the moose Elk
32 Government group that has a flower logo: Abbr. EPA
33 Singer with the worldwide hit Gangnam Style Psy
35 Harrison’s role in the Star Wars movies Han
36 Golfer’s tee for example Peg
37 Prefix for active and tension Hyper
42 The ___ Dipper (group of stars) Big
43 Maker of a Pro-Health toothpaste line Crest
45 Figure-skating jumps Axels
46 What baby turtles hatch from Eggs
47 Red vegetable that’s an ingredient in V8 juice Beet
48 Femur or tibia for example Bone
50 Admire from ___ (appreciate at a distance) Afar
52 Radiate like heat Emit
53 Clothing pattern that lets soldiers blend in for short Camo
54 Game of Thrones character Jon ___ Snow
56 Sleep stage in which vivid dreams may occur: Abbr. Rem
57 Brand of acne medication Oxy