Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 9/25/18 TV Tuesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 9/25/18 TV Tuesday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
9 Outer part of a green bean Pod
12 Storage ___ (place for putting excess items) Unit
13 Very serious as an emergency Dire
14 Mai ___ (fruity cocktail) Tai
15 Medical examiner on NCIS: 2 wds. Donald Mallard
18 Traffic tie-up Snarl
19 Scandinavian capital city Oslo
20 Actor Holland of Avengers: Infinity War Tom
22 Mark on a freshly polished shoe Scuff
26 ___ Carver (James Reynolds’s role on Days of Our Lives) Abe
29 Orange vegetables Yams
32 Human rights organization: Abbr. ACLU
33 Actor who currently plays 15-Across and once played 50-Across: 2 wds. David McCallum
36 Assist in wrongdoing Abet
37 Don’t try to use that ___ excuse!: 2 wds. As An
38 Body spray with a Dark Temptation fragrance Axe
39 Lenience that’s sometimes shown to prisoners Mercy
41 Rushmore and Rainier for example: Abbr. MTs
43 Estate beneficiary Heir
46 Instant replay technique: Hyph. Slomo
50 Russian spy on the 1960s series The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: 2 wds. Illya Kuryakin
54 Mr. Brown Can ___! Can You? (Dr. Seuss book) Moo
55 Janet who was the US Attorney General 1993-2001 Reno
56 I won’t ___ no for an answer Take
57 Dog sometimes considered to be so ugly that it’s cute Pug
58 Herb that can also mean wise Sage
59 Body parts that are frequently green blue or brown Eyes
1 Best ___ (closest pals) Buds
2 Get ___ the ground floor: 2 wds. In On


Number Clues Answers
3 Singer Turner with 25 Grammy nominations from 1962 to 2008 Tina
4 Begin Start
5 Peculiar Odd
6 Long auto for a celebrity Limo
7 Stats for baseball pitchers: Abbr. Eras
8 Gets cash for Sells
9 After-hours school group: Abbr. PTA
10 It helps steer a lifeboat Oar
11 Why ___ I Get Married? (2007 Tyler Perry movie) Did
16 Composer Andrew ___ Webber Lloyd
17 Type of train that doesn’t skip any stations Local
21 Papa’s wife Mama
23 College near Hollywood: Abbr. UCLA
24 ___ capacitor (time-travel mechanism in Back to the Future) Flux
25 Seethe with rage Fume
26 ___ Strange (DC Comics hero) Adam
27 1995 movie about a pig that herds sheep Babe
28 Have you ___ wondered … Ever
30 Game show hosts: Abbr. MCs
31 Con job Scam
34 Toon mouse on The Simpsons Itchy
35 Restless with anticipation Antsy
40 Fractions of a decade Years
42 ___ Rock and Gravel Company (where Fred Flintstone works) Slate
44 Furniture chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad Ikea
45 Ladder step Rung
47 That’s all right with me Okay
48 Angels center fielder Trout Mike
49 Bills that are often used for tipping Ones
50 Troublemaking little kid Imp
51 Gymnast Mary ___ Retton Lou
52 ___ Cabin (syrup brand named in honor of President Lincoln) Log
53 ___ v. Wade (1973 Supreme Court case) Roe