Irish Times Simplex – Feb 10 2022

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Altering something to make it suitable for a new purpose ADAPTING
Athlete trained in strength, balance and agility GYMNAST
Carnivorous mammals related to stoats WEASELS
Concerning the brain CEREBRAL
Container for liquid BOTTLE
Feebleness or frailty DEBILITY
Final breath or at the last possible moment LASTGASP
Get Oscar to like this French delicacy ESCARGOT
Get together to oppose someone GANGUP
Gym shoes SNEAKERS
Happening every second year BIENNIAL
Holds on tightly CLINGS
Imperial weights OUNCES
Improve, one's travel status perhaps UPGRADE
Kernels contained in hard shells NUTS
Mountain ash trees ROWANS
Mythological Greek god of wine and fertility DIONYSUS
North American republic MEXICO
Not in a position to CANNOT
Odder, more peculiar STRANGER
Open with a key UNLOCK
Public houses for travellers INNS
Put forward one's view on a point ARGUED
Ramps that slope into water for launching boats SLIPWAYS
Scold someone severely BERATE
Small rubber pouch that can be inflated BALLOON
Someone with remarkable musical skill VIRTUOSO
The place where something is or will be, a house perhaps SITE
This type of salamander went out NEWT
Very sad or intensely distressing TRAGIC
Whole and complete ENTIRE