Irish Times Simplex – Jan 14 2019

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Clues Answers
Antagonist, opponent ADVERSARY
At a higher level ADVANCED
Boat used to scoop out mud etc. from the bottom of a river DREDGER
Casual top TSHIRT
Cut-off trousers SHORTS
Divides in two HALVES
Expressed gratitude THANKED
Flexible, springy ELASTIC
For protection against the elements UMBRELLA
Goal, objective TARGET
Hearing organs EARS
Hellenic republic GREECE
Listens and pays attention HEARS
Long narrow furrow GROOVE
Manana to the Spanish TOMORROW
Message received and understood ROGER
Musical notes equal to two quavers CROTCHETS
Noisy toy and noisy snake RATTLE
Notice or comment on REMARK
One with exceptional ability GENIUS
Put a product through a series of stages PROCESSED
Relating to tiny particles ATOMIC
Required something essential NEEDED
Requiring little effort EASY
Robber at sea PIRATE
Sample the flavour TASTE
Search for water with a rod DIVINE
Set of performers CAST
Small light boats CANOES
Thoughts, notions IDEAS
Topics, ideas, motifs THEMES
Unit of speed at sea KNOT
Unscrupulous or disreputable person SHYSTER
Untruthfulness MENDACITY
Using needles and wool KNITTING
Wrote one’s name on SIGNED