Jonesin’ – Dec 12 2017

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Clues Answers
$100 bill, slangily CNOTE
‘Home Again’ star Witherspoon REESE
‘I don’t buy it’ NOWAY
‘Monsters, ___’ (Pixar film) INC
‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the ___’ SITH
‘___ and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’ TIM
1969 Roberta Flack song with the lyric ‘The President, he’s got his war / Folks don’t know just what it’s for’ COMPAREDTOWHAT
2016 Key and Peele movie KEANU
About 30.48 centimeters FOOT
Apparel giant with a World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore NIKE
Art store purchase BRUSH
Art store purchase EASEL
Beginning from ASOF
Bill listings FEES
Birth-related NATAL
Cancel out ANNUL
Corn unit EAR
Corporate getaway of sorts COMPANYRETREAT
Demolished KAPUT
DuVernay who directed ‘Selma’ AVA
E-mailed SENT
Egg-breaking sound SPLAT
Electroplating stuff ACID
Fashion magazine since 1892 VOGUE
Food regimens DIETS
Former UB40 lead singer Campbell ALI
From the beginning, in Latin ABOVO
Fun time BLAST
Grammatical things NOUNS
Half of the Brady kids BOYS
Hang in folds DRAPE
Headwear seen at a rodeo COWBOYHAT
How-___ (instructional publications) TOS
Iguana, for some PET
Java vessel URN
Just beat out EDGE
Kick drum sound THUMP
Kind of committee ADHOC
King, in Cannes ROI
Knock lightly TAP
Lake between two states TAHOE
Laptop connection option USB
Lincoln’s st NEB
Little barker CHIHUAHUA
Little leopard CUB
Love so much ADORE
Margarine containers TUBS
Mongoose’s foe COBRA
Move like a crab SIDLE
Nest egg letters IRA
Office fixture DESK
Orchestra reeds OBOES
Persona non ___ GRATA
Play it ___ SAFE
Pockets in the bread aisle PITAS
Political upheaval COUPDETAT
Prickly plants CACTI
Quartz variety AGATE
Quick drive SPIN
Rounded roof DOME
Solo on screen HAN
Some birdhouse dwellers WRENS
Sparks of ‘Queer As Folk’ HAL
Steamed IRATE
Sticking to the party line, like political speeches ONMESSAGE
Streaming video predecessor DVD
Suffix for social or graph ITE
Swelling reducer ICE
Take in or take on ADOPT
Take the rap? RHYME
Tenth grader, for short SOPH
Time period split into periods ERA
Wanna-___ BES
Western capital that’s its state’s largest city BOISE
What tree rings indicate AGE
White of ‘Wheel’ fame VANNA
Word knowledge, briefly VOCAB
___ Linda, Calif. (Nixon Library site) YORBA
___ San Lucas CABO