Jonesin’ – Dec 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘8 Seconds’ venue RODEO
‘Agnus ___’ DEI
‘All in the Family’ producer Norman LEAR
‘Carmina Burana’ composer Carl ORFF
‘Honestly!’ ISWEAR
‘Phineas and ___’ FERB
‘That’s ___!’ ALIE
‘The ___ Movie 2’ (February 2019 release) LEGO
1930s DuPont fabric invention NYLON
African linguistic group BANTU
Bar activity with request slips KARAOKE
Bar brew, briefly IPA
Bavarian title FRAU
Bremner of ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ EWEN
Bubble wrap component AIR
Car part, in Britain TYRE
Carnival attraction that’s half-human, half-goat? FAUNHOUSEMIRROR
Common breed for guide dogs LABRADOR
Competently ABLY
Do really badly FLOP
Done for one, for one RHYME
Easy basketball shot LAYUP
First presidential surname to appear twice ADAMS
Former Arsenal manager Wenger whose nickname is ‘Le Professeur’ ARSENE
Former Montreal ballplayer EXPO
Former Yankee nickname AROD
From Basra, perhaps IRAQI
Gallery works ART
Gives the ax FIRES
Grand Ole ___ OPRY
Group of eight OCTAD
Grumpy ___ (Internet celebrity with the real name Tardar Sauce) CAT
Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter APPLE
Haleakala locale MAUI
Ice skating jump AXEL
Improve on AMEND
In fashion CHIC
It may be essential (but isn’t actually essential) OIL
Key with four sharps, for short EMAJ
Like most customers PAYING
Low-grade POOR
Mariska Hargitay’s longtime costar ICET
May preceder (abbr.) APR
Molecular unit ATOM
Napoli’s nation ITALIA
Neighbor of Wisc MINN
Not again? ONCE
Of food regimens (like 36-Down) DIETARY
One-named supporting actress on ‘Parks and Recreation’ RETTA
Opening word of ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ episodes ITS
Out on the open water ASEA
Paper layer PLY
Part of a goblet STEM
Playwright Moss or lyricist Lorenz HART
Poet Federico García ___ LORCA
Political position that’s half-human, half-horse? LEFTOFCENTAUR
Purplish ingredient of bubble tea and milk tea TARO
Rain-___ (gumball brand) BLO
Regimen with a high-fat focus KETO
Rice dish made with saffron PAELLA
Roasting receptacle PAN
Salsa ___ (red condiment) ROJA
Seasonal greeting that’s half-human, half-bird? HARPYHOLIDAYS
Shoelace issue KNOT
Short-sleeved Hanes product BEEFYT
Skate park fixture RAIL
Standard pinball feature RAMP
Stick with a spring POGO
Stuffing herb SAGE
Swiss peak ALP
Tough puzzle POSER
Triple Seven, for one PLANE
Type in ENTER
Villa ___ (estate near Rome) DESTE
Where you may have had it? UPTOHERE
Winfrey in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ OPRAH
World Cup 2022’s host country QATAR
___ Xtra (Dr Pepper rival) PIBB