Jonesin’ – Nov 21 2017

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Clues Answers
‘Be My Yoko ___’ (Barenaked Ladies single) ONO
‘Benevolent’ fraternal order ELKS
‘Can ___ you in on a little secret?’ ILET
‘Danny Boy’ voice, usually TENOR
‘Help!’ at sea SOS
‘Man of a Thousand Faces’ Chaney LON
‘No further detail is needed’ ENOUGHSAID
‘The Joy of Cooking’ author Rombauer IRMA
‘The ___ La La Song’ (theme from ‘The Banana Splits’) TRA
Ab ___ (from the beginning) OVO
Abbr. before a cornerstone date ESTD
Abundant RIFE
Acne spot ZIT
Any of the Bee Gees brothers GIBB
Bank offerings, for short IRAS
Bank robbery HEIST
Banner team? ENS
Be behind OWE
Birth state of Elijah Wood IOWA
Broadway musical without a storyline REVUE
Cameroon’s neighbor GABON
Cereal with a rabbit mascot TRIX
Chicago-based clown BOZO
Coatroom hangers, maybe HOOKS
Conquers BESTS
Core concepts GISTS
De-squeaked OILED
Do a marathon RUN
Do what you’re doing right now SOLVE
Drivers’ warnings HONKS
Fiber source in cereals BRAN
Forest hackers AXES
Forms morning moisture DEWS
Furrowed body part BROW
Genesis brother ABEL
Go off ___ tangent ONA
Green Day drummer ___ Cool TRE
Hashtag inspired by the Harvey Weinstein allegations METOO
Implements first used in the Paleolithic age STONETOOLS
In conclusion, in Paris ENFIN
IRS employee AUDITOR
Italian carmaker that partnered with Chrysler FIAT
Kid’s wheels TRIKE
Krypton, e.g GAS
Letters before a monetary amount IOU
Little night flyer OWLET
Loudly lament SOB
Make reparations ATONE
Mess up completely RUIN
Oboist’s supply REEDS
Ocasek once of the Cars RIC
Overdue LATE
Part of MIT, for short INST
Place for tumblers LOCK
Play backgrounds SETS
Prefix for sphere ATMO
Put through a refinery SMELT
Question for the stranded NEEDALIFT
Quits hedging ACTS
Reversed, like some shirts or jackets OUTSIDEIN
Savoir-faire FINESSE
Sedate STAID
Sold out, in a way RATTEDON
Songwriter’s publishing gp BMI
Stashed away HID
Statement after reporting something pleasant, maybe NOWTHEBADNEWS
Statesman von Bismarck OTTO
Statistician’s numbers problem, sometimes BADDATA
Suit accessory TIE
That dude’s HIS
Three, on some clocks III
Tom Hiddleston’s role in ‘Thor’ LOKI
Took illegally STOLE
Water-based tourist attraction in Rome TREVIFOUNTAIN
Where to see corgis compete DOGSHOW
Word before bay, day, or pay SICK
___ Tuesday (Aimee Mann’s old band) TIL