Jonesin’ – Nov 7 2017

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Clues Answers
‘Fighting’ NCAA team ILLINI
‘In the Bedroom’ Oscar nominee Sissy SPACEK
‘King’ bad guy in Super Mario Bros KOOPA
‘NFL Live’ network ESPN
‘Quite so,’ in Quebec OUI
‘The Blacklist’ star James SPADER
‘The Hunchback of ___ Dame’ NOTRE
‘The Waste Land’ writer’s monogram TSE
‘___ directed’ (prescription phrase) USEAS
100 cents, in some places EURO
1040 recipient IRS
Actress Garr of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ TERI
Add to the payroll HIRE
Alley targets PINS
Article for the Brothers Grimm EIN
Barbershop offering SHAVE
Basketball Hall of Fame sportscaster Dick VITALE
Cat, in Colombia GATO
Channel skipped on old TV dials ONE
Cold shower? SNOW
Complete ENTIRE
Compliant agreement YESSIR
Cribbage markers PEGS
Crooner Robert portrayed by Will Ferrell on ‘SNL’ GOULET
Cup, maybe AWARD
Datebook abbr APPT
Defendant’s response PLEA
Do superbly on ACE
Election Day mo NOV
Fill fully SATE
First-choice GOTO
Flyer with exceptional sight EAGLE
Former education secretary Duncan ARNE
Frittata ingredients EGGS
Fumbling person OAF
Hall who followed McMahon on ‘The Tonight Show’ EDD
High-altitude type of missile AIRTOAIR
History Channel show about loggers AXMEN
Hockey legend Bobby ORR
Houseplant with fronds FERN
Impulses URGES
Injuries from your book on the beach? SANDPAPERCUTS
Kristen of ‘Bridesmaids’ WIIG
Laila and Tatyana, for two ALIS
Letters in a car ad APR
Lumber mill equipment SAWS
Make a trade SWAP
Mark Harmon military series NCIS
Mom’s brother UNCLE
Most trifling PETTIEST
No-frills hair stylings to look like a breakfast mascot? CEREALBOWLCUTS
Noah’s Ark measurement CUBIT
Not ___ (nobody) ASOUL
Old Internet suffix for Friend or Nap STER
Pale carrot relatives PARSNIPS
PC drive insert, once CDROM
President born in 1961 OBAMA
Providing some ‘Old MacDonald’ sounds, maybe MOOING
Reflectivity measure, in astronomy ALBEDO
Result of a three-putt, maybe BOGEY
Saucer-steering creature ALIEN
Smartphone program APP
Somewhat ABIT
Sources of bile LIVERS
Sparring with a punching bag for only half the usual time, e.g.? BOXERSHORTCUTS
Swelling reducer ICE
Teensy WEE
They’re good at landing on their feet CATS
Tidied up CLEAN
Turing played by Benedict Cumberbatch ALAN
Word after Days or Quality INN
World representations? GLOBES
Zoo attraction with a big bite HIPPO
___ La Table (kitchen store) SUR