LA Times Crossword 10 Mar 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 10 Mar 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 10 Mar 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Dutch actress Verbeek of “Outlander” LOTTE
6 Chews (on) GNAWS
11 “Point Break” plot, e.g. CAPER
16 One coming out DEB
19 Type of eye layer UVEAL
20 348-seat Parisian body SENAT
21 __ drab OLIVE
22 Talkative fighter ALI
23 Red misplays? CINCINNATI BUNGLES (from “Cincinnati Bengals”)
26 Three sheets to the wind LIT
27 Completely IN TOTO
28 Lab do-over RETEST
29 Gophers and gardeners, say ENEMIES
31 Word from the French for “clear the table” DESSERT
33 It’s usually the hit SIDE A
34 DDE’s domain ETO
35 Cry during an argument between siblings MOM!
37 Golf pro’s instructive stroke? TEACHER’S PUTT (from “teacher’s pet”)
43 Hard shoe SABOT
48 Inventory acronym FIFO
50 Greek portico STOA
51 Slaughter of old baseball ENOS
52 Loser who finds a silver lining? GRATEFUL DUD (from “Grateful Dead”)
55 Online marketplace ETSY
58 “__ Believer”: ’60s hit I’M A
59 Prius producer TOYOTA
60 Becoming an item, maybe DATING
63 Worrisome engine sound SPUTTER
65 __ Paulo SAO
66 Furious state IRE
68 Thieves’ home? DEN
69 Major Hindu deity RAMA
70 Mysteriously-appearing debris? RUBBLE WITHOUT A CAUSE (from “Rebel Without a Cause”)
78 Mark not to play REST
79 Red or Black … SEA
80 Red Baron’s conflict, briefly WWI
81 Berlin article EIN
83 Like Earth BIPOLAR
86 Call for assistance HELP ME!
89 Annoying type NOODGE
92 “__ du lieber!” ACH
93 The littlest bit A TAD
95 Groans from a Russian egg producer? FABERGE UGHS (from “Fabergé eggs”)
97 Virginia __ REEL
99 End notes CODA
102 Level-headed SANE
103 Takeoff times? DIETS
104 Big Apple mongrels? NEW YORK MUTTS (from “New York Mets”)
108 Easy mark SAP
110 Short brew? IPA
111 Indian wraps SARIS
113 Lowered in dignity DEBASED
119 Marshmallow-filled snack MOON PIE
123 Medium condition? TRANCE
125 Looking up ROSIER
126 Many get snacks during them ADS
127 Confusion about who really won an international competition? OLYMPIC GOLD MUDDLE (from “Olympic gold medal”)
130 Med. lab letters LDL
131 “So long” SEE YA
132 Small-truck company TONKA
133 Freshwater bulrushes TULES
134 Menu general TSO
135 Pelé’s first name EDSON
136 Snidely Whiplash look SNEER
137 Playoff rankings SEEDS


Number Clues Answers
1 Clear LUCID
2 Sheepish? OVINE
3 Big tops, e.g. TENTS
4 Folded food TACOS
5 Upper crust ELITE
6 “Catch 21” airer, initially GSN
7 Approaching NEAR
8 Starts a pot ANTES
9 Stay put until the storm ends WAIT IT OUT
10 “Venerable” Eng. monk ST BEDE
11 Something in your eye CONTACT
12 Mor. neighbor ALG
13 Stack PILE
14 Score-tying shot EVENER
15 Starts over RESETS
16 “Lobster Telephone” artist DALI
17 Tahari of fashion ELIE
18 Pieces’ partners BITS
24 Regular at Sam’s bar NORM
25 “__ directed” USE AS
30 Gloomy Gus MOPE
32 Vegan staple TOFU
36 Fungal plant coating MILDEW
38 Low-tech weed whacker HOE
39 Consumes without cooking EATS RAW
40 __ price UNIT
41 One in a researcher’s stack TOME
42 Title derived from “Caesar” TSAR
43 Some NCOs SGTS
44 Like a delirious crowd AROAR
45 Catfish habitat BAYOU
46 Nebraska native OTO
47 Saigon holiday TET
49 OTC drug regulator FDA
53 Is unsuccessful in FAILS AT
54 Finished 50% (of) DID HALF
56 Typographer’s concern SPACING
57 Arizona county or its seat YUMA
61 Classical beginning NEO-
62 African antelope GNU
64 19th Greek letter TAU
67 Follow again RETRACK
71 Frat guy BRO
72 Composer Bartók BELA
73 Language suffix -ISH
74 Good place for driving TEE
75 Some junior high students TWEENS
76 Marsh plant SEDGE
77 Word before ball or after figure EIGHT …
82 Untouchables leader NESS
83 Old MacDonald surely had one BARN
84 Big name in frozen treats ICEE
85 Sound of relief PHEW!
87 Choosing to skip PASSING ON
88 Many a CEO’s credential MBA
90 20-volume ref. OED
91 Francine’s “For sure” OUI
94 __ Pérignon DOM
96 Part of CD-ROM READ
98 With 122-Down, Eagles classic LYIN’ …
100 One involved in a sweeping gesture? DUSTPAN
101 Pong maker ATARI
105 Hinder OPPOSE
106 Complained RAILED
107 Expanses of land TRACTS
109 Salon offering PERM
112 Quick bread choice SCONE
114 Ring features BOUTS
115 When required AS DUE
116 Move like a crab SIDLE
117 Fished with pots EELED
118 Scold, with “down” DRESS
119 Parlor purchase MALT
120 What gamblers weigh ODDS
121 Scandinavian capital OSLO
122 See 98-Down … EYES
124 Sommer of cinema ELKE
128 Prefix with cardial MYO-
129 Patriotic org. DAR