LA Times Crossword 13 Sep 20, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 13 Sep 20, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Scratches (out) EKES
5 Serving perfectly ACING
10 Bargain bin caveat AS IS
14 Really stands out POPS
18 Amethyst hue LILAC
20 Really sore IRATE
21 Org. for women drivers LPGA
22 Sunscreen additive ALOE
23 Problem for an aspiring thespian STAGE FRIGHT
25 Bird clumsy on land LOON
26 Brightly colored NEON
27 subj. ASL
28 Acknowledge silently NOD TO
29 “The Mask of Zorro” scene SWORD FIGHT
31 Bothered a lot ATE AT
32 “New Rules” author Bill MAHER
34 Paper mate? PEN
39 Like in many ways, with “to” SIMILAR
43 Survey choice OTHER
44 Barilla alternative RAGU
45 Story-telling dance HULA
46 Panamanian pronoun ESA
47 Superclean, as surgical tools STERILE
50 Help explain, with “on” SHED SOME LIGHT
54 Energizer specification AAA
55 Prestige CACHET
57 Resistance units OHMS
58 Hirsch of “Into the Wild” EMILE
59 “Tik Tok” singer KESHA
60 Art class adhesive GLUE
61 Did a farrier’s work SHOED
62 Prado display ARTE
65 Real predicament SORRY PLIGHT
70 Cameo stone ONYX
71 Athlete’s road to recovery REHAB
73 Country bordering Vietnam LAOS
74 Leavening agent YEAST
76 Mother of Eric and Donald Jr. IVANA
77 “Ghostbusters” (2016) director Paul FEIG
78 Instagram logo image CAMERA
80 Meat in a typical Denver omelet HAM
83 NBC debut of 1975 SATURDAY NIGHT
86 Reveal LAY BARE
88 “Spare me the deets” TMI
89 Nordstrom rival SAKS
90 Aparicio of Cooperstown LUIS
92 It may be negotiable PRICE
93 4 or 5 is a good one for a coll. hopeful AP SCORE


Number Clues Answers
1 Queen of Arendelle ELSA
2 Handy collections KITS
3 Mideast airline EL AL
4 Give a little SAG
5 Another name for a car’s spoiler AIR DAM
6 Beastie CRITTER
7 “Othello” flag-bearer IAGO
8 Ultimate degree NTH
9 Figure out GET
10 Not even close ALL WET
11 Animal trail SPOOR
12 Composer Stravinsky IGOR
13 Construction site convenience SAND PILE
14 Sorrento sandwiches PANINI
15 Designer Cassini OLEG
16 Bear who loves “hunny” POOH
17 Text status SENT
19 Face-off spot CENTER ICE
24 Those opposed FOES
29 “Zip it!” SHH!
30 Sow and cow FEMALES
31 State as fact AVER
32 Could possibly MIGHT
33 Shivering fit AGUE
35 He hit 60+ homers three times without leading the league SOSA
36 Sundance’s sweetie ETTA
37 Bird hunted by gauchos RHEA
38 Level, in Liverpool RASE
39 Totals SUMS
40 Multitude LEGION
41 Large furniture chain ASHLEY
42 For adults only RATED-X
45 Family workout place HOME GYM
48 Glaswegian girl LASS
49 Amazon smart speaker brand ECHO
51 One in a tiny house DOLL
52 Feng __: decorating philosophy SHUI
53 “Crack a window, will ya?” I’M HOT
56 Road hogs HARLEYS
59 Reeves of “John Wick” KEANU
60 Lost driver’s aid, briefly GPS
62 __ Nashville: country record label ARISTA
63 Overhaul REVAMP
64 To wit THAT IS
66 Drops in a forecast RAIN
67 Hindu mystic YOGI
68 Lab order? HEEL
69 Fictional Georgia spread TARA
72 Coast in a tub? BAR SOAP
75 “Ask nicely” SAY PLEASE
77 Fraudulent FAKE
78 Water slide CHUTE
79 Bickering AT IT
80 Nixon’s last chief of staff HAIG
81 Part of a foot ARCH
82 Bump into MEET
84 Group in a pub competition DART TEAM
85 Excess GLUT
87 Ritual for some eight-day-olds BRIS
91 “Friday the 13th” horror genre SLASHER
94 Trounces CREAMS
95 Downhill ski run SCHUSS
96 Castaway’s shelter HUT
97 Buildups for many returning vacationers EMAILS
98 Resident on the Gulf of Bothnia FINN
100 Athlete’s best effort A-GAME
102 Place for a pad SHIN
103 Lo-cal LITE
104 Spider’s eight, usually EYES
105 What “:” can mean IS TO
106 “That’s the” shorthand ATTA
107 Toaster Swirlz brand EGGO
108 Question of time WHEN?
109 Amazon Handmade rival ETSY
112 Quick quality WIT
113 Seat winners INS
114 Points to, maybe IDS