LA Times Crossword 2 Dec 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 2 Dec 18, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 2 Dec 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Avian mimic MYNA
5 Selling point? STORE
10 Weasel cousin STOAT
15 Passed quickly, as time FLEW
19 Pigeon calls COOS
20 Kind of column IONIC
21 Stands at lectures PODIA
22 Lead in a movie, say ROLE
23 What the acrobatic landlady liked to do? JUMP OVER BOARDERS (from “jump overboard”)
26 Wile E. Coyote supplier ACME
27 Run-of-the-mill ORDINARY
28 Former LeBron team, on sports tickers MIA
29 Lost on purpose TANKED
31 Buds, possibly BEERS
32 TruTV show for board game enthusiasts? REALITY CHECKERS (from “reality check”)
37 Sorority letter ETA
39 Former LeBron team, on sport tickers CLE
40 Takes a breather RESTS
41 “The Simpsons” retailer APU
44 “Chain of Fools” name ARETHA
47 Out in the yacht ASEA
49 Bite playfully NIP
52 When a pro might practice at Augusta National? BEFORE THE MASTERS (from “before the mast”)
56 Departed GONE
57 “Once __ a time … ” UPON
58 Yon yacht SHE
59 Name in a Tolstoy title ANNA
60 Formal split DIVORCE
62 Electric wheels TESLA
64 Second-tallest living bird EMU
66 Inform TELL
68 Skin-related DERMAL
69 Gym employees for those getting in shape fast? EXPRESS TRAINERS (from “express train”)
73 Don’t hold your breath EXHALE
76 Antelope playmates DEER
77 Musical muscle car GTO
78 Agave plant YUCCA
82 “The wisdom of many and the wit of one”: Russell PROVERB
84 Dread FEAR
86 Bigelow product TEA
88 Often painful crack CHAP
89 Cut with a small knife PARE
90 Gold medal winners at the Renaissance fair? TRIUMPHAL ARCHERS (from “triumphal arch”)
94 Thesaurus wd. SYN
95 Doing nothing IDLE
96 Cabinet department ENERGY
97 Minute WEE
98 China’s Zhou __ ENLAI
101 QB’s stat ATT
102 Shocked text letters OMG
104 Wedding chapel’s main form of advertising? HITCHING POSTERS (from “hitching post”)
111 Vacation destination BEACH
115 Caroline Islands components ATOLLS
116 Rescue squad initials EMS
119 Fictional plantation TARA
120 Where bills should be put after an audit? BACK IN THE FOLDERS (from “back in the fold”)
125 “Slippery” trees ELMS
126 “… but I could be wrong” … OR NOT
127 Celestial ovine ARIES
128 Shuts down ENDS
129 Colorist’s supply DYES
130 Price enders, often NINES
131 Category GENRE
132 Obliterate, in Oxford RASE


Number Clues Answers
1 Menial work MCJOB
2 “__ it!” YOU’RE
3 __ plume NOM DE
4 Have high hopes ASPIRE
5 Hindu “Destroyer” SIVA
6 Start of an adage about humanity TO ERR …
7 Sandwich shop order ON RYE
8 Often tickled bone? RIB
9 “Foucault’s Pendulum” author ECO
10 Diagonal sail extender SPRIT
11 Now TODAY
12 Pindar piece ODE
13 Make widely known AIR
14 Samples TASTES
15 Stadium staples FRANKS
16 Eastwood’s “Bronco Billy” co-star Sondra LOCKE
17 Fictional hunter in a floppy hat ELMER
18 Signs of garden neglect WEEDS
24 GM subsidiary ONSTAR
25 Guy’s girlfriend AMIE
30 Comedy __ ACT
33 One may be dull ACHE
34 Trek pack animal LLAMA
35 Algonquian language CREE
36 Picked up HEARD
38 Trojan War god ARES
41 Touch ABUT
42 Nickname for José PEPE
43 Eerie fliers UFOS
45 Old anesthetic ETHER
46 Like many crosswords THEMED
47 “Up” star ASNER
48 WWII prison camp STALAG
49 Standard NORM
50 Subject of Huáscar INCA
51 Orange discard PEEL
53 Legally off base ON LEAVE
54 Baited insect collector ANT TRAP
55 Beans or greens SIDE
56 Scalia’s successor GORSUCH
61 Enhancing word VERY
63 Shaft between wheels AXLE
65 Handy USEFUL
67 Trivial LITTLE
70 Vivacious PERT
71 Words near an “F,” maybe SEE ME
72 Musical handicap NO EAR
73 Omar of “In Too Deep” EPPS
74 Doctor’s order X-RAY
75 French __ HORN
79 Consider carefully, with “over” CHEW
80 Attention CARE
81 Basilica recess APSE
83 Astros catcher McCann BRIAN
85 Bonnie Blue’s dad RHETT
87 2012 Ben Affleck film ARGO
91 “Gotcha!” I DIG!
92 Casino game requirement, often ANTE
93 Symphonic disc CYMBAL
98 Mercedes line E-CLASS
99 Kings’ org. NHL
100 City from which Vasco da Gama sailed LISBON
101 NBA part ASSN
103 Driver’s license info GENDER
104 Hardly favored HATED
105 Volta’s birthplace ITALY
106 Musical Mel TORME
107 86-Across variety PEKOE
108 Drops OMITS
109 German river, to locals RHEIN
110 Less risky SAFER
112 Gemini docking target AGENA
113 Lumps for Miss Muffet CURDS
114 German state HESSE
118 Climbed ROSE
121 “Exodus” protagonist ARI
122 “The Situation Room” airer CNN
123 It’s game TAG
124 Longtime Eur. realm HRE