LA Times Crossword 21 Jan 22, Friday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 21 Jan 22, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Like Jack Sprat, one would expect SLIM
5 Role in a Gershwin opera BESS
9 Fellow CHAP
13 Her musical career started at age 16 at the Cotton Club LENA HORNE
15 Pre-euro currency LIRA
16 Atomic physicist’s favorite cookie? FIG NEUTRON (from “Fig Newton”)
17 “__ a girl who sang the blues”: Don McLean lyric I MET
18 Musicologist’s term OPUS
19 Deity with an eponymous day THOR
20 Gaping mouths MAWS
21 Uncommon sense ESP
22 Atomic physicist’s favorite Golden Age movie star? QUARK GABLE (from “Clark Gable”)
25 U.N. Security Council permanent member RUS
26 Poetic adverb E’ER
27 Say further ADD
29 Word after look or sound … ALIKE
32 Wafer brand NILLA
34 “__ awake?” YOU
35 Atomic physicist’s favorite side dish? BOSON BAKED BEANS (from “Boston baked beans”)
38 Consume USE
39 Lion __ TAMER
40 Mounted, as gems INSET
41 Rightmost bowling pin TEN
42 Wrath IRE
43 Not leave alone NAG
44 Atomic physicist’s favorite wall builder? STONE MESON (from “stonemason”)
48 Beret relative TAM
51 Move a bit STIR
52 Superior cousin? ERIE
53 Takes charge of OWNS
54 Filled food PITA
55 Atomic physicist’s favorite spy novelist? ION FLEMING (from “Ian Fleming”)
57 Painter Nolde EMIL
58 As initially evident ON ITS FACE
59 Cozy places DENS
60 Comprehends SEES
61 Cretaceous giant T-REX


Number Clues Answers
1 Lingerie items SLIPS
2 Assistance, with “a” … LEG UP
3 Accommodating places INNS
4 W.C.’s “My Little Chickadee” co-star MAE
5 ’80s South African president BOTHA
6 Misstep ERROR
7 Coral reef visitor SNORKELER
8 Snowe of ME, once SEN
9 Begin a flight CLIMB
10 Region from the Sanskrit for “snow abode” HIMALAYAS
11 “Anything else?” ARE WE DONE?
12 Light touches PATS
14 Many Rwandans HUTUS
16 Other side FOE
22 He directed Samuel in “Pulp Fiction” QUENTIN
23 Do a vet’s job GELD
24 Versatile mount ARABIAN
25 “Notorious” studio RKO
28 Roomba target DUST
29 Lie next to ABUT
30 Falls behind LOSES TIME
31 Possible “Finish your tax return yet?” reply I SENT IT IN
32 “Got any examples at all?” NAME ME ONE
33 Dick was his veep IKE
36 __ minimum BARE
37 U.K. part ENG
43 Holiday songs NOELS
45 Tests without papers ORALS
46 Orange Muppet ERNIE
47 Goes (through) carefully SIFTS
48 Safer way to think TWICE
49 Wing ANNEX
50 Umami source MSG
51 Broke the law, in a way SPED
53 Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan __ OMAR
55 Apple product IOS
56 Young newt EFT