LA Times Crossword 23 Jul 19, Tuesday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 23 Jul 19, Tuesday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Losing streaks SLUMPS
7 Payroll dept. IDs SSNS
11 “Jay Leno’s Garage” airer CNBC
15 “Rock the __”: hit song for The Clash CASBAH
16 “All right, sure” OH, OK
17 Like some company softball teams COED
18 Realm first led by Augustus ROMAN EMPIRE
20 Fibber LIAR
21 “How sweet __!” IT IS
22 Carry with effort HAUL
23 Take forcibly (from) WREST
25 ISP that includes Bing MSN
26 Result named for expanding circles from a rock tossed into a pond RIPPLE EFFECT
29 Litter box visitors PET CATS
31 Biblical boat ARK
32 Head across the Atlantic? LOO
33 “I wonder … ” HMM …
34 Mos. and mos. YRS
36 Carton sealer TAPE
37 Did something a bit shocking RAISED EYEBROWS
42 Price to pay COST
43 Put to good __ USE
44 Tractor-trailer RIG
45 “Eww!” UGH!
46 Nourished FED
48 “Can’t argue with that!” NO DOUBT!
52 Hobnobbed (with) RUBBED ELBOWS
56 St. Patrick’s Day mo. MAR


Number Clues Answers
1 Keep to a tight budget SCRIMP
2 Taoism founder LAO TSE
3 Govt. moneymaker US MINT
4 CFOs’ degrees MBAS
5 Sautéing vessel PAN
6 Complaint to Mom after a sister’s slap SHE HIT ME!
7 Absorb SOP UP
8 Swindle decoy SHILL
9 Neighbor of Den. NOR
10 Barbecue rod SKEWER
11 Staff symbol in viola music C-CLEF
12 Ordinance that sets quiet hours NOISE LAW
13 Police who may enforce a 12-Down BEAT COPS
14 USN officer CDR
19 Travel aids MAPS
24 Nats’ former stadium, briefly RFK
26 He sheep RAMS
27 Make simpler EASE
28 Tip of a wing tip TOE
30 Gambler’s IOU CHIT
34 “Definitely!” YES!
35 Deli bread RYE
36 Deli order TO GO
37 2016 “Star Wars” prequel ROGUE ONE
38 Light hair color ASH BLOND
39 “My man!” DUDE!
40 Web access programs BROWSERS
41 Frees (of) RIDS
42 Tough mutt CUR
46 Tasseled hat FEZ
47 Mingo portrayer on “Daniel Boone” ED AMES
48 American-born Jordanian queen NOOR
49 Tennis official UMPIRE
50 Like jail cells BARRED
51 Steamy get-togethers TRYSTS
53 Triathlon rides BIKES
54 Flowerpot spot LEDGE
55 Kennel club classification BREED
59 Fragrant herb SAGE
60 Science class LAB
62 Beverage suffix -ADE
63 __ Boys: auto parts chain PEP