LA Times Crossword 25 Nov 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 25 Nov 18, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Minor dustup TIFF
5 Ladder danger FALL
9 Jeff who started an online bookstore in 1994 BEZOS
14 Give form to SHAPE
19 Free speech org. ACLU
20 New Balance competitor AVIA
21 Put on, as pressure EXERT
22 Development units HOMES
23 React to too much sun, perhaps PEEL
24 Overcharge SOAK
25 “Silas Marner” girl EPPIE
26 Penetrating winds OBOES
27 Horses’ feeding period? STALL TIME (from “stall for time”)
29 Nightly newscaster’s preparation? REPORT WORK (from “report for work”)
31 Burpee product SEED
32 It has strings attached APRON
33 Fed. financial gp. OMB
34 Sight in an unfinished attic RAFTER
37 Southwest worker PILOT
39 “You may say I’m a __”: Lennon’s “Imagine” DREAMER
43 Waiting room read E-BOOK
44 Where dos are done SALON
45 Dire prophecy DOOM
47 Hang open GAPE
48 House with layers COOP
49 Easter feast, say? SPRING DINNER (from “spring for dinner”)
52 One in a workout count REP
53 Unexpected ODD
54 River to South Carolina’s Winyah Bay PEE DEE
55 Genesis matriarch EVE
56 “Megastructures” channel, familiarly NAT GEO
58 Tennis surprise NET BALL
60 Govt. agents T-MEN
61 Document preparer TYPIST
62 Museum posting: Abbr. HRS
63 “We’re driving around in circles”? LOST WORDS (from “lost for words”)
68 Anna’s “The Accountant” co-star BEN
69 Red Guard member MAOIST
72 Lanai neighbor MAUI
73 Tour guides, e.g. LEADERS
77 Enemy of Mr. Bill, in old “SNL” skits SLUGGO
78 Start a course EAT
79 “Once Is Not Enough” author SUSANN
82 Nicki Minaj genre RAP
83 Unkind remark DIG
84 Ticket selling for a major golf event? OPEN BUSINESS (from “open for business”)
87 Puff pastry cheese BRIE
88 Publisher Adolph OCHS
90 Iconic 60-Across boss NESS
91 Consider with care WEIGH
92 Around the corner CLOSE
93 Predetermined steps SET PLAN
95 Historic caravel PINTA
96 Took in the sights TOURED
97 Escape LAM
98 Something in the air AROMA
100 98-Across, often LURE
101 Severe dip in contributions during a telethon? CAUSE ALARM (from “cause for alarm”)
104 Hurricane tracker closeup? EYE DETAIL (from “eye for detail”)
109 Case place COURT
110 Italy’s “Supreme Poet” DANTE
111 Twitter’s bird, e.g. LOGO
112 Belgian capital EURO
113 Scorch slightly SINGE
114 Actress MacDowell ANDIE
115 Aviation pioneer Sikorsky IGOR
116 Bond was kicked out of it ETON
117 Entered into a deal ANTED
118 Cross with MAD AT
119 Fresh answers SASS
120 Number with words SONG


Number Clues Answers
1 Brewpub array TAPS
2 “Rhyme Pays” rapper ICE-T
3 Pet peeve? FLEA
4 Period, to British grammarians FULL STOP
5 “Hurry it up!” FASTER!
6 Bypass AVOID
7 Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games” LIAM
8 Common camp site LAKE
9 Pub game with balls BEER PONG
10 Whiz EXPERT
11 Youngest Marx brother ZEPPO
12 Mythical hunter ORION
13 Team backer? -STER
14 Skeptic’s demand SHOW ME!
15 Droopy-shaped purse HOBO BAG
16 Bow-toting god AMOR
17 Cheat, in a way PEEK
18 Serious extreme? ESS
28 Garlic relative LEEK
30 Agony TORMENT
32 Without peer ALONE
34 Info-gathering mission RECON
35 Quarters ABODE
36 What may accompany hunger pangs? FOOD THOUGHT (from “food for thought”)
37 Bud on a drive PARD
38 First name in ’70s tennis ILIE
39 Slip into DON
40 Result of a faulty tab setting? MARGIN ERROR (from “margin for error”)
41 Pentathlon gear EPEES
42 Provide more room for growth REPOT
44 While SPELL
45 Salvage crew member DIVER
46 Upright ON END
49 Pommes frites condiment SEL
50 How-to lesson DEMO
51 Maker of Wayfarer sunglasses RAY-BAN
54 Turn a Monopoly corner PASS GO
57 Used Charmin for shenanigans, for short TP’ED
59 Sea cell BRIG
60 Bi- equivalent TWI-
64 What diviners interpret OMENS
65 Former Swedish imports SAABS
66 Bolshoi outfit TUTU
67 Part of 1/2 SLASH
69 Passé PC system MS-DOS
70 “Off with her head!” head owner ALICE
71 Star that’s a draw TOP NAME
74 USCG rank ENS
75 It’s often merit-based RAISE
76 Ticket number you don’t want to see SPEED
79 City near Pisa SIENA
80 Blood bank quantity UNIT
81 Arcade giant SEGA
85 Bard’s bedtime E’EN
86 Competition in lanes SWIM MEET
87 Challenging golf hole starting points BLUE TEES
89 Blow the budget SPLURGE
92 Center CORE
94 Hung in there LASTED
95 “The Merchant of Venice” heroine PORTIA
96 Some exposed-beam homes TUDORS
98 Actress de la Garza ALANA
99 Scientific dept. R AND D
100 Blocks often disassembled and reassembled LEGOS
101 Trevi toss-in COIN
102 Polly, to Tom AUNT
103 Sistine Chapel ceiling figure ADAM
104 Bulldog supporters ELIS
105 Discipline with poses YOGA
106 Lot purchase AUTO
107 Resolve, with “out” IRON
108 Dull, maybe LONG
109 J.E.B. Stuart’s side CSA