LA Times Crossword 6 Oct 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 6 Oct 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 6 Oct 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Followers who may be friendly or hostile POSSE
6 Word of Gallic gratitude MERCI
11 Voltaire’s faith DEISM
16 Bring up to date CLUE IN
17 “Am I awake?” PINCH ME
19 Game for two or four TENNIS
20 Sumo wrestler’s asset? HAZARDOUS WAIST (from “hazardous waste”)
22 Car starter ENGINE
23 Agenda entry ITEM
24 Avid EAGER
25 Source of ignition MATCH
27 Altered by time AGED
28 Skunk cousin POLECAT
30 Consequence of overtweezing? RAZED EYEBROWS (from “raised eyebrows”)
33 Halloween follower: Abbr. NOV
34 Gutenberg’s movable invention TYPE
35 Comic-Con attendee NERD
36 Met acquisition ART
39 Revolver, maybe DOOR
41 Rent what you’ve rented SUBLET
45 Dizzy’s jazz genre BEBOP
49 Hawaiian tour company specialist? LEI PERSON (from “layperson”)
52 Greeted, with “to” SAID HI …
54 Him, to Henri LUI
55 Cannes concept IDEE
56 Locations SITES
58 Common sight on “L.A. Law”? DEY IN COURT (from “day in court”)
61 Disproportionate reactions TO-DOS
63 Disgraced SHAMED
65 Three-syllable limerick foot ANAPEST
66 Like much testimony ORAL
68 Restorative TONIC
70 Social climber SNOB
71 Current site of ancient Carthage TUNISIA
74 Gazed lasciviously LEERED
77 Go wild on Twitter TREND
80 Mid-morning coffee, say? BREAK FLUID (from “brake fluid”)
83 Presidents’ Day phenomena SALES
85 Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g. TRIO


Number Clues Answers
1 Socrates’ pupil PLATO
2 Eurasian blackbird OUZEL
3 Many mariners SEAMEN
4 Word of respect SIR
5 Attempts ENDEAVORS
6 King novel that won the first Bram Stoker Award (1987) MISERY
7 Covers completely ENWRAPS
8 1929 purchaser of Victor RCA
9 Wind instrument? CHIME
10 🙁 I’M SAD
11 Lair DEN
12 Sword-wielder’s cry EN GARDE!
13 Architect Jones INIGO
14 Tendon SINEW
15 Advanced teaching degrees: Abbr. MSEDS
16 Dip holder CHIP
17 Wrinkly little dog PUG
18 Suffix with kitchen -ETTE
19 Tiny chuckle TE-HEE
21 Nose bag particle OAT
26 Nixon of “Sex and the City” CYNTHIA
29 Encrypt CODE
31 Consort of Hera ZEUS
32 Texter’s “I will return shortly” BRB
34 What a plighter plights TROTH
36 Landed ALIT
37 Try again REDO
38 Had a few TIED ONE ON
40 Medical suffix -OSIS
42 No-goodniks BADDIES
43 Make up a story, maybe LIE
44 Eponymous ice cream maker EDY
46 Muffin fruit BLUEBERRY
47 Hers and mine OURS
48 Surname of father-and-son British prime ministers PITT
50 Geographical symbol of Middle America PEORIA
51 Cool NEAT
53 Hostelries INNS
57 Burn without flames SMOLDER
59 Tilt CANT
60 Iberian wine city OPORTO
62 Regina’s prov. SASK
64 KC-to-NYC dir. ENE
67 Hoist LIFT
69 Outcropping CRAG
71 Vanishing ski lift T-BAR
72 Hankering URGE
73 Bryn Mawr graduates ALUMNAE
75 Induce euphoria in ELATE
76 Road sign ruminant DEER
78 Pleasant NICE
79 One who doesn’t just think about it DOER
81 French article UNE
82 Pass gone seriously astray: Abbr. INT
84 Hard-hitting contests SLUGFESTS
88 __ insurance LIFE
90 Cause of tremors, at times FEAR
92 Fab equivalent AWESOME
93 Conducted LED
95 Insensitive CALLOUS
99 Locks that are picked AFROS
101 Chin indentations CLEFTS
103 Blather on BABBLE
104 Full of glitches, as programs BUGGY
105 Flaming AFIRE
106 Hindu mystics YOGIS
107 Steamed state RAGE
108 Kindle reading, e.g. E-TEXT
109 Do a gardening task WATER
110 Growth-oriented field?: Abbr. AGR
111 Civil War general MEADE
112 Abated EASED
113 Figure (out) SUSS
117 Cease to function DIE
120 “__ Misérables” LES
122 Big 12 rival of Baylor: Abbr. TCU
123 Bit of inside information TIP