LA Times Crossword 9 May 21, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 9 May 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 9 May 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Perfume brand that sounds forbidden TABU
5 Was humbled ATE CROW
12 Resulting (from) ARISING
19 It’s known for its bell ringers AVON
20 Only one of Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs” not written in English LA BAMBA
21 Like Hershey’s Kisses CONICAL
22 Celebrity magazine employee? “PEOPLE” PERSON
24 Night vis-á-vis Nacht, e.g. COGNATE
25 Possessive in a Harry Potter title SORCERER’S
26 Using a lifestyle magazine to cool off? “ELLE” FANNING
29 Kind of DA ASST
30 1983 Streisand title role YENTL
31 Uproar TO-DO
32 Large seal hunters ORCAS
36 “What a lousy play!” BOO!
39 Furry wrap STOLE
41 Catch in the act NAB
42 Found a child-rearing magazine? BIRTH “PARENTS”
47 Head-turning hiss PSST!
49 Levine of Maroon 5 ADAM
50 Goes too far OVERSTEPS
53 “Over There” songwriter COHAN
57 Jumble MESS
58 Spanish province or its capital LEON
59 Zodiac animal RAM
60 Group mental condition MORALE
61 Firewood option … or destiny ASH
62 Former Russian space station MIR
63 Tired TRITE
65 Removed all evidence of ERASED
66 Graphic for a personal well-being magazine? PICTURE OF “HEALTH”
70 Esoteric ARCANE
73 Challenges DARES
74 They may be blocked ADS
75 Workmanship ART
78 Pressured, with “on” LEANED …
79 Legend on the ice ORR
80 Indian wrap SARI
82 Whoop-de-do STIR
83 Three-__ engine LITER
84 Writer with the most combined Oscar and Tony nominations NEIL SIMON
87 Showgirl in a Manilow song LOLA
88 Czuchry who played Cary Agos on “The Good Wife” MATT
91 Closing the doors of a financial magazine? FOLDING “MONEY”
93 French toast need EGG
96 Turkish bread LIRAS
99 Round-skipping edge BYE
100 Newspaper essays OP-EDS
101 Gift tag word FROM
103 Film that’s barely shown? NUDIE
105 Marlon’s “Godfather” role VITO
108 Shoplifting a fitness magazine? TAKING “SHAPE”
111 Not bright PINHEADED
116 Split VAMOOSE
117 Kiosk selling a news magazine? STALL FOR “TIME”
119 Nook or Kindle E-READER
120 Hollywood’s Annette and Peter O’TOOLES
121 Valhalla VIP ODIN
122 Street, in Stuttgart STRASSE
123 Sneaky programs MALWARE
124 Street in New York’s Chinatown MOTT


Number Clues Answers
1 Bedtime melody TAPS
2 Fuel-efficient Chevy AVEO
3 Loudmouth BOOR
4 Not culturally sensitive, for short UN-PC
5 A’s, Jays and Rays ALERS
6 Records, in a way TAPES
7 “The Future of the Movies” co-author EBERT
8 Sonatas, say CARS
9 Real estate ad abbr. RMS
10 Symphonic wind OBOE
11 In a languid way WANLY
12 Highlight ACCENT
13 Reindeer landing area ROOFTOP
14 “Little House” series author Laura __ Wilder INGALLS
15 __ Féin SINN
16 Defeatist’s statement I CAN’T
17 Chad, but not Jeremy NATION
18 Two-time Oscar winner Jackson GLENDA
23 Chow line? LEASH
27 “Survivorman” creator Stroud LES
28 Whipped cream serving GOB
32 “Becoming” memoirist Michelle OBAMA
33 Teases RIDES
34 Stay over CRASH
35 Mall features ATMS
36 Swiss capital BERN
37 Switch positions ONS
38 Baseball’s “Little Giant” OTT
40 Social companions ESCORTS
43 Neatened, as barracks POLICED
44 Ward off AVERT
45 Vintage auto REO
46 Features of many fonts SERIFS
48 Synagogue scroll TORAH
51 Way to go PATH
52 Jolly Roger bosun SMEE
54 Consumes HAS
55 Newcastle Brown __ ALE
56 “Game of Thrones” patriarch Stark NED
60 Gin rummy action MELDING
62 Twenty Questions category MINERAL
63 “Super!” TERRIF!
64 Sushi garnish ROE
66 Land in “The Hunger Games” PANEM
67 Hokkaido noodle UDON
68 Unusual RARE
69 Yankee manager Boone AARON
70 “… and justice for __” ALL
71 Outdoor gear giant REI
72 Tom or tabby CAT
75 Do penance ATONE
76 Very upset RILED
77 They may be slid into ovens TRAYS
80 Fries, e.g. SIDE
81 Friend in France AMI
82 Sty feed SLOP
85 Soft toss LOB
86 Subtle SLY
89 Authority abusers TIN GODS
90 Bridge supports TRUSSES
92 Cow, at times MOOER
93 Pond dweller EFT
94 “I, Claudius” author Robert GRAVES
95 Small racing vehicle GO KART
97 Stick (to) ADHERE
98 “Chandelier” singer SIA
102 Charades player MIMER
104 __ salts EPSOM
105 Fancy home VILLA
106 Surmise INFER
107 “__ Were the Days” THOSE
109 Hurricane-tracking agcy. NOAA
110 Jazzy Jones ETTA
111 Team’s burden PLOW
112 Either H in H2O ATOM
113 “No Angel” singer DIDO
114 Release EMIT
115 Job for a body shop DENT
118 2015 Verizon acquisition AOL