LA Times Crossword 9 Sep 19, Monday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 9 Sep 19, Monday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 9 Sep 19, Monday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 More certain SURER
6 Gp. with moms, dads and educators PTA
9 “Thereabouts” suffix -ISH
12 “Men” or “teeth,” grammatically PLURAL
14 One of Ringo’s set DRUM
15 __ kwon do TAE
16 Absurd, as a scheme INSANE
17 Autodialed annoyance, often at dinnertime ROBOCALL
19 Prof’s aides TAS
20 System of rules CODE
22 Protection for political refugees ASYLUM
23 German I ICH
25 Philosophies: Suff. ISMS
27 Picky details NITS
28 Computer event with a “blue screen of death” CRASH
30 Penultimate Greek letter PSI
31 Big Pharma watchdog: Abbr. FDA
32 Suggest HINT AT
34 Encroach (on) INFRINGE
38 Musical knack EAR
39 Naughty NOT NICE
41 Black or Red waters SEA
42 Downpour concern FLOODING
44 Bills with Franklin on them C-NOTES
46 Good times UPS
47 Japanese vegetable UDO
49 Infatuated with, with “about” CRAZY …
50 “__ Land”: 2016 Best Picture? Not! LA LA
52 Elite English boarding school ETON
53 Deadly “2001” computer HAL
54 “Brideshead Revisited” novelist Waugh EVELYN
56 Laundry WASH
58 Wall St. takeover LBO


Number Clues Answers
1 Barbecue rod SPIT
2 Arm bone ULNA
3 *Deadly “game” in “The Deer Hunter” RUSSIAN ROULETTE (Russian dressing)
4 Big Band __ ERA
5 *Ones helping with the horses RANCH HANDS (ranch dressing)
6 Expert PRO
7 Low-pitched brass instruments TUBAS
8 Cookiedom’s Famous __ AMOS
9 *Stallone nickname, with “the” ITALIAN STALLION (Italian dressing)
10 Henri’s “Hi” SALUT
11 Pilothouse wheels HELMS
13 Lion constellation LEO
14 Severe reprimands, and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues DRESSING-DOWNS
18 Singer Lauper CYNDI
21 Slight market slide DIP
24 St. Louis hrs. CST
26 Short skirt MINI
28 Kitchen master CHEF
29 Iranian currency RIAL
31 *Trio after turtle doves FRENCH HENS (French dressing)
33 Paris pronoun TOI
35 TV watchdog FCC
36 “Wow!” GEEZ!
37 “No sweat” EASY
40 Letter-shaped fastener T-NUT
43 October gemstones OPALS
45 Italian “hour” ORA
48 “We’re __ schedule here!” ON A
50 Permitted by law LEGAL
51 Bugs Bunny animator Tex AVERY
52 Ballade’s last stanza ENVOI
55 Website with business reviews YELP
57 Rejuvenation site SPA
59 “__, James __” BOND
60 Poems of praise ODES
62 Many millennia EON
64 Deli bread RYE