LA Times Crossword Answers 19 Aug 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword Answers 19 Aug 2018, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword Answers 19 Aug 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Breaks off STOPS
6 Window framework SASH
10 Kicks off OPENS
15 Cake-finishing artist ICER
19 Dugout, for one CANOE
20 Either of matching words, in a way: Abbr. ANAG
21 Home to the Palazzo della Ragione PADUA
22 Pew area NAVE
23 Flopped financially ATE IT
24 ’60s protest slogan BAN THE BOMB!
26 In AMID
27 Bread worshipers? NAAN BELIEVERS (sounds like “nonbelievers”)
29 In a dishonorable manner BASELY
31 Makes serious demands on TAXES
32 __ Geo: cable channel NAT
33 Source of intolerance LACTOSE
34 Frequent savers GOALIES
37 Time div. MIN
39 “One of Ours” Pulitzer-winning author CATHER
40 Kick out EXPEL
41 Musical composition about a bread-loving pack animal? PITA AND THE WOLF (sounds like “Peter and the Wolf”)
46 Cooped-up critters HENS
47 Arms carriers? TORSI
49 Concerns CARES
50 Adjective for rapper Kim LIL’
51 Bread joke-teller’s trait? RYE SENSE OF HUMOR (sounds like “wry sense of humor”)
54 Diet including wild fruit PALEO
56 Vote in favor YEA
57 Music and art genre FOLK
58 “Lemme __!” AT ‘EM
59 Confines PENS UP
60 Two-time A.L. Manager of the Year Francona, familiarly TITO
61 Ballet movements PLIES
63 Cougar, e.g., briefly MERC
64 Declining due to age SENILE
67 Harbor view spot PIER
68 Ore source SEAM
69 Easy sequence? ABC
72 Norwegian capital KRONE
73 Celebratory wish over Jewish bread? HAPPY CHALLAH DAY (sounds like “Happy Holiday!”
77 “__ yours”: “My gift” IT’S
78 Gift recipient DONEE
79 Big hits BELTS
80 NASA approvals A-OKS
81 Ibsen title character’s bread? PEER GYNT’S WHEAT (sounds like “‘Peer Gynt’ suite”)
85 Stop in Québec? ARRET
86 Immerses in liquid SOUSES
87 Get it wrong ERR
88 Insurance company founded for rural workers FARMERS
90 Takes back RECANTS
92 Like some discount mdse. IRR
94 Left-hand page VERSO
95 King in “The Tempest” ALONSO
96 “Sorry, I meant to give you a plain burger”? NO BUN INTENDED (sounds like “no pun intended”)
102 El __ NINO
103 Orchestra section PERCUSSION
106 Jenna, to Jeb NIECE
107 Nerd GEEK
108 Folding declaration I’M OUT
109 Cosmo rival ELLE
110 Europop’s __ Base ACE OF
111 Besides ELSE
112 Bottomless gulf ABYSS
113 Passing out at the table? DEAL
114 Golf Channel analyst Wadkins LANNY


Number Clues Answers
1 Doctor’s order SCAN
2 Part of TTFN TA-TA
3 Most eligible for service ONE-A
4 Ineffective POINTLESS
5 Put a price on freedom? SET BAIL
6 Fine furs SABLES
7 Writer Nin ANAIS
8 Reasonable SANE
9 “Fixer Upper” network HGTV
10 Verdi creation OPERA
11 L.A.-based brewery PABST
12 Tokyo, formerly EDO
13 O.T. book NUM
14 Religious observances SABBATHS
15 Fretful IN A STEW
16 Bread that only appears for a short time? CAMEO ROLLS (sounds like “cameo roles”)
17 Harmful aspects EVILS
18 Try a new shade on REDYE
25 Salon coloring HENNA
28 Program file suffix EXE
30 Masseuse’s target ACHE
33 “See ya!” LATER!
34 Architect Frank GEHRY
35 Yellow-and-white daisy OXEYE
36 Sleep study subject APNEA
37 Soybean paste MISO
38 “Do __ you must” IT IF
39 PC insert CD-ROM
41 Nursery sch. PRE-K
42 Sharp ACUTE
43 Mentions specifically NAMES
44 Place LIEU
45 Disaster movie? FLOP
47 U.S. security T-NOTE
48 Norwegian capital OSLO
52 Option for a return E-FILE
53 Precarious HAIRY
54 Prefix with frost PERMA-
55 Mandela’s org. ANC
59 Bell sounds PEALS
60 Like the Oz woodsman TIN
61 Singing voice, informally PIPES
62 Looney Tunes stinker LE PEW
63 Soften in feeling MELT
64 Hop-jump link SKIP
65 Art Deco artist ERTE
66 Bread with a winelike aroma? NOSE SCONES (sounds like “nose cones”)
67 Breathes hard PANTS
68 Ocean feature SALT
69 Worship ADORE
70 15-Across co-worker BAKER
71 Dermatologists’ concerns CYSTS
73 Refines HONES
74 “Good buddy” CB’ER
75 Pick up HEAR
76 Blues musician’s “harp” HARMONICA
78 Literally, Greek for “bad place” DYSTOPIA
82 Lost Colony’s island ROANOKE
83 Big biceps, at the gym GUNS
84 Chef’s supply HERBS
85 London football club ARSENAL
88 Aromatic herb FENNEL
89 Part of MoMA ART
90 Span RANGE
91 The senior Saarinen ELIEL
92 Ear bone INCUS
93 Opposites of squeakers, in sports ROUTS
94 Davis with an Oscar, Emmy and two Tonys VIOLA
97 Employed USED
98 Luxor’s river NILE
99 Cook Paula DEEN
100 B-school course ECON
101 Rebel against DEFY
104 Diplomatic bldg. EMB
105 Pop artist Lichtenstein ROY