Mirror Cryptic Answer List – 21-September-2022

Daily solution for the Mirror Cryptic Answer List – 21-September-2022. The Mirror Cryptic Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Point stew out WEST
Grasp husband when elderly HOLD
Run away from insect, say FLEE
Spoken of morality ORAL
Real excited about small ray LASER
Petition heard in quarry PREY
Follow Frenchman in language TAMIL
Join in themselves HEM
Rail about dishonest person LIAR
.Challenged out of dread DARED
.Deny its rubbish REFUSE
.Instrument for fixing stair SITAR
.Made out the title DAME
.Article about concert RECITAL
.Heroic tales involving palindrome SAGAS
.He has to steal ROB
.Raid affected without water ARID
.Suspect fare changes FEAR
.Worry about race CARE
.Element of victory? GOLD
.Boring sort of bard DRAB
.Chap finds a trainee regal ROYAL 
.Tardy ordering tale LATE
.Frolic at Prom, perhaps ROMP
.As legal to ask SOLICIT
.Belief in buying power CREDIT
.Arson using navigation aid SONAR
.Performer gets new couch DIVAN
.Fresco of them Urals MURAL
.Five laid wrong: acceptable? VALID
.Juicer contains cold thing ICE
.Set broken leg GEL
.Note everyone has bitterness GALL
.The picture contains a story EPIC
.Contented with tepee TENT
.Except breaking vase SAVE