Crossword Answers – Apr 11 2022s

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Apr 11 2022s. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Beware the __ of March" IDES
"Half" prefix for circle SEMI
"Treble" symbol on music CLEF
Act out, as an historical battle RECREATE
Amazes greatly AWES
Applaud CLAP
Approximately ORSO
Back of a ship STERN
Banish EXILE
Beer barrel KEG
Blue jeans brand LEVIS
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Bulletin board pin TACK
Burn-soothing plant ALOE
Castaway’s escape vehicle RAFT
Courtroom activity TRIAL
Document to fill out FORM
Dog’s shrill bark YELP
Electrical cord’s end PLUG
Fastener twisted into wood SCREW
Flower with thorns ROSE
French capital. humorously PAREE
Gator’s cousin CROC
Genuine REAL
Gives off, as light EMITS
Hair salon’s color changer DYER
Having the skill for a task ABLE
Head gesture of agreement NOD
Help to move more quickly EXPEDITE
Heroic tale EPIC
In a blue mood SAD
Inventor Thomas Alva __ EDISON
Look forward to AWAIT
Mai __ cocktail TAI
Make sure of SEETO
Mark above an "i" DOT
Motel’s place to swim POOL
Natural holder for peas POD
Needing a complete fill-up EMPTY


Clues Answers
Neighborhoods AREAS
Not doing anything IDLE
Online memo EMAIL
Opera solo ARIA
Pay-__-view movie PER
Performed better than TOPPED
Person who alters clothes TAILOR
Photo of the photographer SELFIE
Poet Dickinson EMILY
Put into __ (initiate) EFFECT
Relic from the dinosaur age FOSSIL
Remote place to "worship from" AFAR
Reschedule for later DEFER
Rip (apart) TEAR
Roam around ROVE
Run off to wed ELOPE
Satisfy completely SATE
Scientist looking up at constellations ASTRONOMER
Search for SEEK
Shape of a hockey puck DISC
Slangy shout of accomplishment TADA
Small memento TOKEN
Speedy FAST
Sports cable channel ESPN
Swampy ground MIRE
Takes home from a pet shelter ADOPTS
Top of one’s head SCALP
Touch up for publication EDIT
Toward the sunset WEST
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Two less than penta- TRI
Undercover drug cop NARC
Walked boldly STRODE
Waterproof canvas coverings TARPS
Where a ship docks PIER
Where to look up a college’s class offerings COURSEDIRECTORY
Where to look up a word’s definition DICTIONARY
Wide necktie ASCOT
Woodwind instrument OBOE