Crossword Answers – Aug 26 2018

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Aug 26 2018. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Aug 26 2018 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"For sure!" INDEED
"Makes sense" ISEE
"Much obliged," in Bonn DANKE
"Scram!" SCAT
"Theme Park Capital of the World" ORLANDOFLORIDA
"Vertical transportation" giant OTIS
"Waterloo" group ABBA
"__ dreaming?" AMI
"__ pronounce you . . ." INOW
Absolut alternative STOLI
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actor Quinn of "Elementary" AIDAN
Amount consumed INTAKE
Amounts harvested YIELDS
Amtrak unit CAR
Andersen title adjective UGLY
Angelic feature HALO
Aquatic weasel OTTER
Arrange logically SORT
Arrive in time MAKEIT
Assessor’s calculation VALUE
Baghdadi, for one IRAQI
Band’s travel plans TOUR
Base for beer BARLEY
Become agitated SEETHE
Before now AGO
Black aquatic bird COOT
BLT spread MAYO
Box spring supporter SLAT
Bring to mind RECALL
Brown weasels STOATS
Burgeon GROW
Campground visitors: Abbr RVS
Campus environment ACADEME
Catalyst AGENT
City founded as a mining camp HELENAMONTANA
City with a "cowboy up" philosophy CASPERWYOMING
Cologne scent MUSK
Come into one’s own BLOOM
Coming up soon ONTAP
Concrete REAL
Contributing element FACTOR
Corporate marriage MERGER
Country mail rte RFD
Cut and paste, perhaps EDIT
Decide to drop OMIT
Declare STATE
Designer Diane __ Fürstenberg VON
Director Anderson WES
Doesn’t bother to zap EATSCOLD
Dress code details ATTIRE
Dugout furniture BENCH
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Emerald measure CARAT
Entry-level position: Abbr ASST
Exodus 14 locale REDSEA
Extremely uncommon RARE
Five-star general’s nickname DOUG
Forgo help ACTALONE
Frenziedly AMOK
Fully set HARDENED
Golf pro Ernie ELS
Half of "deux" UNE
Has a bug AILS
Hera’s hawkish boy ARES
HMO personnel RNS
Human spirit SOUL
Intend MEAN
Intended AIMED
Irregular UNEVEN
J.D. awarder in Palo Alto SLS
Jogging pace TROT
Keep (out) SHUT


Clues Answers
Kept cool, perhaps ICED
Latched onto GRABBED
Left the ground briefly LEAPT
Longing feeling ACHE
Lowly workers PEONS
Manner of speaking STYLE
Meditative practice YOGA
Merit badge org BSA
Minimal amount TAD
Mongrel CUR
Mottled T-shirt TIEDYE
Much of Libya SAHARA
Name on the cover of "The Fountainhead" AYN
No different from SAMEAS
Now proven TESTED
Office greenery FERN
One Benjamin CNOTE
Operatic song ARIA
Overdue LATE
Paltry POOR
PD personnel SGTS
Peace Nobelist Walesa LECH
Phony panacea SNAKEOIL
Pilot light fuel GAS
Place for rouge CHEEK
Pods that may be pickled OKRA
Poker bump RAISE
Prego competitor RAGU
Produced for the theater STAGED
Put up ERECT
Qualifying race HEAT
Reef builder CORAL
Rugged rides, for short ATVS
Sandy spot SHORE
Seats of conceit EGOS
Senator Snowe’s hometown AUGUSTAMAINE
Sends a duplicate email to CCS
Ship that carried Heracles ARGO
Shopper’s romp SPREE
Showy garden shrub AZALEA
Simpsons creator Groening MATT
Sitcom breaks TVADS
Some beachfront units CONDOS
Something seen on a class ring YEAR
Sound heard in "Snow White . . ." SNEEZE
Source of "Kwanzaa" SWAHILI
Spanish surrealist DALI
Special benefits PERKS
Spot for a tot KNEE
Starter like anti- CONTRA
Steel mill city GARYINDIANA
Storybook story TALE
Stuff in shakers SALT
Substantive content MEAT
Take after IMITATE
Thickets COPSES
Thing of the past RELIC
Tiger’s habitat ASIA
Took charge LED
Trait carrier DNA
Uncommon blood type, for short ANEG
Underhanded SHADY
Unkeyed, in music ATONAL
USPS deliveries LTRS
Utter unclearly SLUR
Versified tribute ODE
What butter may be made from NUT
What fills some gauges RAIN
Where Nike got started EUGENEOREGON
Where Wilt Chamberlain went to college LAWRENCEKANSAS
With no slack TAUT
__ out a victory EKE