Crossword Answers – Dec 16 2018

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Dec 16 2018. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Dec 16 2018 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Mamma Mia!" quartet ABBA
"No man is an island" writer DONNE
"Street" rep CRED
About 2.2 pounds KILO
Airplane __ (cellphone setting) MODE
Apt rhyme for 6 Down BARES
Arguing vehemently ATIT
Arthur __ Stadium (U.S. Open venue) ASHE
Artist Chagall MARC
Aspen attire SKIPANTS
Audacious BOLD
Australian actor Eric BANA
Battery pole ANODE
Be boastful CROW
Be insistent about URGE
Be relevant APPLY
Beach volleyball airer ESPN
Big name on Dirty Harry posters CLINT
Blu-ray purchase DISC
Boston’s airport LOGAN
Built up, as interest ACCRUED
Carded, informally IDED
Carrying a grudge SORE
Certain Summer Games setting POOL
Child’s plea for permission CANI
City north of 27 Across, informally BOCA
City southeast of Mount Rainier YAKIMA
City that might be ONION in a cryptogram MIAMI
Common bake-sale sponsor PTA
ConCENTrated study plan CRAMCOURSE
Corp. bigwigs CEOS
Creator of the Finches LEE
Cropped up AROSE
Crude one BRUTE
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient OREO
Cutting down on the donuts DIETING
Data on tickets ROWS
Daycare attendees TOTS
Desolate regions WILDS
Despicable character LOUSE
Destructive sprees RAMPAGES
Did absolutely nothing LOLLED
Drop gradually SINK
Durable game-show guy SAJAK
Easy basket TAPIN
Erode EAT
Established first OLDEST
Exert, as influence WIELD
Exotic smoothie flavor ACAI
Expected outcome NORM
Explanatory lead-in IDEST
Far from charitable MEAN
Farming major AGGIE
Feline, to Tweety TAT
Ferris wheel compartments CARS
Fish with an iridesCENT stripe NEONTETRA
FluoresCENT art medium DAYGLOPAINT
Formal confession ITWASI
Former CIA head Panetta LEON
Former Comedy CENTral host JONSTEWART
Gladiator star CROWE
Goes public with AIRS
Gooey-middle chocolates CREMES
Hi-__ monitor RES
Homer’s boy BART
Identical SAME
Illustrious NOTED
Imbibed DRANK
In a way, casually SORTA
In support of FOR
Initial lessons ABCS
Institutions offering admissions COLLEGES


Clues Answers
Inventor Whitney, as an undergrad (!) ELI
Iron source ORE
Italian sonnet’s end SESTET
Job-related move, to employers RELO
Less humid DRIER
Look impolitely at OGLE
Loosens, as a 35 Down UNTIES
Major blood vessels AORTAS
Male turkey TOM
Mooring place DOCK
Music genre prefix ALT
Nest-egg letters IRA
Nonwoven fabric SUEDE
Off in the distance AFAR
OK Corral nickname DOC
Oscar actress Hathaway ANNE
Parks of civil rights history ROSA
Pet pest FLEA
Piece of a place setting FORK
Pilots of 89 Down ETS
Place for protons ATOM
Polishes, as prose EMENDS
Port of Yemen ADEN
Predicament SPOT
Prefix for van or bus MINI
Preordain DESTINE
President at the biCENTennial GERALDFORD
Pretzel shape KNOT
Princeton athlete TIGER
Provide for permanently ENDOW
Rancho beast TORO
Rubber duck, for one BATHTOY
Rude remark INSULT
Sailor’s means of asCENT ROPELADDER
See 75 Down ROMEO
Serpent’s sound HISS
Ship’s backbone KEEL
Shoemaker’s supply HEELS
Singer portrayed by J.Lo SELENA
Six Day War hero DAYAN
Small advantage EDGE
Smartphone image ICON
Somali-born supermodel IMAN
Spiral-horned antelope ELAND
State of vexation STEW
Strange sightings, for short UFOS
Strong drain opener LYE
Sushi bar beverage GREENTEA
Taboo, to 17 Down NONO
Teen comedy stock character NERD
Temporary, as a committee ADHOC
Texter’s "incidentally" BTW
Titanic HUGE
Toaster-oven setting BROIL
Turkey neighbor IRAN
Untrustworthy ones LIARS
Unwilling to compromise SET
Urban renewal target SLUM
URL punctuation DOTS
Violinmaker of Cremona AMATI
Waiting for Godot character DIDI
Walks heavily TRAMPS
Wavering effects, in music TREMOLOS
When shadows are shortest NOON
Wipe clean ERASE
With 21 Across, Italian auto ALFA
__ Canaria Island GRAN
__ firma TERRA