Crossword Answers – Jun 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"Antony and Cleopatra" costume TUNIC
"Checkmate" IWIN
"Good" part of nut butters FAT
"Great!" TERRIF
"I’m too busy to talk" NOTNOW
"Just as I thought!" AHA
"You __ Be in Pictures" OUGHTA
71 Across of a stack HEAP
Abominate ABHOR
Ancient storyteller AESOP
Angry outburst TIRADE
Assembled, as Angoras HERDED
Author played by Streep in "Adaptation" ORLEAN
Beast of folklore OGRE
Become indistinct BLUR
Besides that ELSE
Big name in cloud computing IBM
Body art TAT
Brunch offering BAGELSANDLOX
Bunkhouse noise SNORE
Burro ASS
Candy-making supply DYE
Cell’s protein producer RNA
Certain Alaskan ALEUT
Certain nobles EARLS
Coin in Chihuahua PESO
Common vending-machine contents SODAS
Contents of a valuable vein ORE
Courageous persistence GRIT
Descriptor for basins TIDAL
Discreet email inclusion BCC
Disgorge EXPEL
Dread FEAR
Easily duped NAIVE
Explain in detail DELINEATE
Extended story lines ARCS
Extract, as metal from ore SMELT
Father, "verbally" SIRE
Father, "verbally" BEGET
Fish found in a 2003 film NEMO
Football supporter TEE
For __ (not gratis) AFEE
Frat letter ETA
Freshen up RENEW
Garden structure ARBOR
Geologic period ERA
Get moving HOPTO
Giving a shout-out to NOTING
Got up STOOD
Gulf War ally SYRIA
Having no slack TAUT
He’s next to Teddy on Rushmore ABE
Herring family member SHAD
High-tech pointer LASER
Himalayan region TIBET
Hinge (on) RELY
Historical records ANNALS
Humdingers LULUS
In good order TIDY
Inactive computer mode SLEEP
Intel accumulator SPY
It’s after "due" in Italy TRE
Jackrabbits, for instance HARES
John Williams orchestral work TUBACONCERTO
John __ Lennon ONO
Jumble MESS
Little one TOT
Loathsome NASTY
Mac partner CHEESE
Major papal convocation VATICANCOUNCIL
Manicured, as fairways MOWN
Metaphor for anxiety PANICBUTTON
Metric "trillion" TERA


Clues Answers
Microscopic ITTY
Microwave signals BEEPS
Mineral in geodes AGATE
Moistens, as meat BASTES
Monsoon season nation LAOS
Nine-digit nos SSNS
Not-bad bond rating BAA
Notable brilliance ECLAT
One of the "apóstoles" MARCO
Online discussions CHATS
Oratorio solo ARIA
Org. for keglers or cops PBA
PC cancel key ESC
Pooch at Buckingham Palace CORGI
Pop singer Bareilles SARA
Popular family pooch LAB
Prefix for phrase PARA
Prefix for present OMNI
Primitive projectile ARROW
Provoke verbally TAUNT
Put into force ENACT
Put the collar on NAB
Rashly impulsive MADCAP
Rather less than lucid MUDDY
Rattlesnake’s weapon FANG
Rebuff SNUB
Record video, in the ’70s TAPE
Regard highly ADMIRE
Revered pioneer BOONE
Ring combinations ONETWOS
Road glare reducer TINTEDWINDOWS
Road with ramps HIGHWAY
Rock, for stone SYNONYM
Santa sounds HOHO
Sartre novel NAUSEA
Sch. near Beverly Hills UCLA
Second Hebrew letter BETH
Second publication REISSUE
Set-in-ways one, supposedly OLDDOG
Shop shavers PLANES
Skillful ADROIT
Smartphone tool APP
Soon, in verse ANON
Sounding like toy pianos TINNY
Source of faraway waves PULSAR
Spanish archipelago CANARYISLANDS
State fundraiser LOTTO
Stock analyst’s discovery TREND
Subject TOPIC
Summer setting in Va EDT
Surmounting ATOP
Symbol of slowness SLOTH
Take internally EAT
Tech support client USER
The Browns, on sports tickers CLE
Title bout bigwig BOXINGPROMOTER
Too predictable, as a plot FORMULAIC
Tool on firetrucks AXE
Translucent gems OPALS
Untamed leapers TOADS
Up on things AWARE
Venerable detergent brand DREFT
Walk wearily TRUDGE
Wallet items IDS
Was mentioned, with "up" CAME
Where locks are opened all day CANALS
Wintry mix element SLEET
Wise words ADAGES
Wyoming’s second city CASPER
Yours truly MYSELF
__ fides (credentials) BONA
__ smasher (supercollider nickname) ATOM
__-globe (kind of paperweight) SNO