Crossword Answers – Nov 25 2018

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Nov 25 2018. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Nov 25 2018 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Cool it!" STOP
"Good" cholesterol HDL
"Much obliged!" THANKS
"Rumor has it . . ." IHEARD
"Where IS our server?" AREWEINVISIBLE
African queen of long ago CLEO
After hours INTHENIGHT
Alpine song YODEL
An extra helping MORE
Ancient Peruvian INCA
Ancillary SIDE
Apple computer IMAC
Ashe Stadium org USTA
Auto safety devices AIRBAGS
Before now AGO
Big name in vertical transportation OTIS
Bill Ford’s grandfather EDSEL
Caesarean phrase ETTU
Campus club FRAT
Carson City neighbor RENO
Certain sultan’s subject OMANI
Chases off SHOOS
Chocolate source CACAO
Choose from a ballot VOTEFOR
City on Lake Erie TOLEDO
Civil War side: Abbr CSA
Claire of "Homeland" DANES
Clinic staffer, for short LPN
Close at hand NEAR
Colorado resort ASPEN
Computer clickers MICE
Crater Lake locale OREGON
Crowd noises ROARS
Cultivating machines TILLERS
Dash letters MPH
Dawn goddess EOS
Diamond-cutting debris DUST
Did some laps SWAM
Distinctive quality ODOR
Earth tone ECRU
Edison’s __ Park MENLO
Embassy employee ATTACHE
Enjoys the warmth BASKS
Ernie of pro golf ELS
Exterior of many homes STUCCOWALLS
Fiction genre HORROR
Fills with wonder AWES
Film excerpt SCENE
Fire maintainer FUEL
Geological periods EPOCHS
Go (for) OPT
Hardly __ of roses ABED
Have no doubt about KNOW
Heat-keeping THERMAL
Helpful WWW page FAQ
High-minded NOBLE
Hoops net holder RIM
Hospital area PREOP
Impart wisdom to TEACH
In fine fettle HALE
Inactive IDLE
Indonesian island JAVA
Intl. commerce group WTO
Inverted U-shaped structure ARCH
Italian beer brand PERONI
Japanese mushrooms ENOKIS
Joe of "Goodfellas" PESCI
Kid around JOSH
Kristen once of "SNL" WIIG
Lake near Syracuse ONEIDA
Lakeside, e.g SHORE


Clues Answers
Lava, before its exit MAGMA
Letterhead abbr INC
Liberal __ college ARTS
Limerick’s land EIRE
Look carefully (through) SIFT
Lyricist __ Jay Lerner ALAN
Medicare ID being phased out SSN
Merkel’s language GERMAN
Middling SOSO
Mideast locale of the 2022 World Cup QATAR
Mild complaint OHSHOOT
Missions, in brief OPS
Morse code sound DAH
Move furtively EDGE
Not often seen RARE
Not tricked by ONTO
Novel’s ID ISBN
Nucleus particle NEUTRON
Nuisance PEST
Ole Miss rival BAMA
One of the Coen brothers ETHAN
Orbital extremes APOGEES
Overly long sentences RUNONS
Part of a yard FOOT
PC corner key CTRL
Pinocchio’s end-of-story exclamation IMAREALBOY
Polo competitor IZOD
Prefix for sweet SEMI
Pro tennis since 1968 OPENERA
Prospects read by eds MSS
Purposes USES
Restaurant reading MENU
River boater’s craft CANOE
Salty septet SEAS
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
See 9 Down SOL
Set as a price ASKED
Sheepdog, for short SHELTY
Singer/songwriter Mann AIMEE
Small salamander NEWT
Small wave RIPPLE
Steer clear of SHUN
String quartet participants VIOLAS
Superior status CACHET
Surpass TOP
Sushi bar fish TUNA
Sushi bar soybean EDAMAME
Swamp dangers CROCS
Symbol for ohms OMEGA
Taking after ALA
Tech debut of 2007 IPHONE
Terminal screening grp TSA
They can be found in six long Across answers FARMFEMALES
Toddler’s scrape OWIE
Toes the line OBEYS
Tolkien being ELF
Two-tone crunchy treat OREO
Tycoons NABOBS
Ultimate cause ROOT
Uncomfortably strange EERIE
Upgrade, perhaps REDO
Urbana-Champaign team ILLINI
Virginia Woolf essay AROOMOFONESOWN
Wedding figure BRIDE
What broncos may do BUCK
With 100 Across, Spanish "of the sun" DEL
Wrestling team event MEET
__ buco (veal dish) OSSO
__ card (29 Down need) SIM
__ cum laude SUMMA