– Nov 8 2018

Daily solution for the – Nov 8 2018. The Canadiana Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the – Nov 8 2018.

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Clues Answers
"Outer" prefix ECTO
"Tea" or "coffee" NOUN
"__ luck!" LOTSA
"__ tried everything!" IVE
1/1 song title word AULD
Actress Hatcher TERI
Ancestry tracer DNA
Art sch. study ANAT
Bratislava native SLOVAK
Centennial State city BOULDERCOLORADO
Certain singer TENOR
Compass reading NNE
Coyote of cartoons WILEE
Crossed through XED
Deliverer of bills ATM
Dependable experts PROS
Disarmament talks subj ICBM
Doctrines ISMS
Ed.’s backlog MSS
Enjoying quarters on wheels RVING
Examined SEEN
Far-reaching views VISTAS
Fashion mag ELLE
Fashion mag COSMO
Feudal toiler SERF
Fit to __ ATEE
Flaky mineral MICA
Flanged fastener TNUT
From above AERIAL
Gloom partner DOOM
Go over REVIEW
Grp. at Iwo Jima USMC
Hemingway title character OLDMAN
Henri’s head TETE
Henry Ford II’s dad EDSEL
Idealists’ enclave IVORYTOWER
Juan’s wife in a musical EVA
Keep for later STORE
Keep hidden VEIL
Kegler’s grp PBA
Land on the Red Sea ERITREA
Legal plea, for short NOLO
Mail off SEND
Make after expenses CLEAR
Manhattan coll NYU
Manner MODE
Mark of approval STAMP
Motel amenity POOL
Moved round and round SPUN
NATO members, e.g ALLIES
NBA game extenders OTS
Nickname like Sandy ALEX
Novelist Binchy MAEVE
Opera singer Fleming RENEE
Part of a power tool MOTOR
Physical strength SINEW
Popeye’s rival BLUTO
Prenatal test, familiarly AMNIO
Quarterback Manning ELI
Real long time DOGSAGE
Regarding ASTO
Reject NIX
Specific, useful illustration CONCRETEEXAMPLE
Starter for series MINI
Still in the game ALIVE
Suffix for script URE
Symbol of slipperiness EEL
Take great delight REVEL
Teamwork disrupter EGO
The essentials BRASSTACKS
Title given Ringo this year SIR
Took charge LED
What you like to do INTERESTS
Wolfed down ATE
Wrong move ERROR
WWW address URL
Yankee catching great BERRA