NY Times Crossword 12 Jan 20, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 12 Jan 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Some Japanese cars MAZDAS
Judean king, in Matthew HEROD
Medical insurance grp. HMO
Freedom of the ___ SEAS
Like a short play ONE-ACT
Brick material ADOBE
Sushi fish that’s never served raw EEL
School with its own ZIP code – 90095 UCLA
Voice box? [Wolverine State] ANSWERING MACHINE (hiding confused “MICHIGAN”)
33-Across’s sound ROAR
“Dang!” NUTS!
Like a soufflé EGGY
___ Kea MAUNA
2014 film with the tagline “One dream can change the world” SELMA
Safari sighting [Golden State] AFRICAN LION (hiding confused “CALIFORNIA”)
Captain of science fiction NEMO
Spleen IRE
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Rehearsed PAT
Device that keeps fish alive AERATOR
Pay a brief visit SWING BY
Stashed for later [Blue Hen State] SQUIRRELED AWAY (hiding confused “DELAWARE”)
Whom a warrant officer might report to, informally LOOIE
“___ Lang Syne” AULD
Letters on an ambulance EMS
Times before the present? EVES
Revealer of the Wizard TOTO
Following, as a detective might TAILING
Gave up the ghost CROAKED
It’s condensed DEW
Editorialist’s skill [Mountain State] PERSUASIVE WRITING (hiding confused “WEST VIRGINIA”)
Banned pollutant, for short PCB
West Coast birthplace of John Steinbeck SALINAS
Like some candles TAPERED
“No way, José!” UH-UH!
Fairy tale prince, perhaps FROG
“There it is!” AHA!
Big Island city HILO
Events for socialites GALAS
Knight’s accouterments [Ocean State] SWORD AND SHIELD (hiding confused “RHODE ISLAND”)
Brother or sister SIBLING
___ Schwarz (toy company) FAO
Like some wallpaper patterns FLORAL
In which a single raised pinkie is an “i”: Abbr. ASL
Wilbur’s partner in an old sitcom MR ED
Sushi bar offering [Centennial State] AVOCADO ROLL (hiding confused “COLORADO”)
Cockney and others DIALECTS
Pilots’ flights just after training is finished SOLOS
Face-planted ATE IT
Detach slowly (from) WEAN
Hit playfully on the nose, slangily BOOP
Rights-defending org. ACLU
Has been around the block [Evergreen State] KNOWS A THING OR TWO (hiding confused “WASHINGTON”)
What locks are made of HAIR
Hawaiian word that’s also a common Chinese surname LEI
Layers PLIES
Ready for publication, say EDITED
“Like that’ll ever happen” I BET
Lead-in to Brown or Robinson in #1 song titles MRS
Sport on a range SKEET
Not for ___ (sign) RESALE


Clues Answers
Disney heroine of 2016 MOANA
Invalidate ANNUL
Cocktail garnishes ZESTS
___ City, Yukon Territory DAWSON
Nail ACE
Bit of party decoration STREAMER
Puts up HANGS
Pushing the envelope EDGY
Letters after CD -ROM
Most of the 2010s OBAMA ERA
Insomniac’s order DECAF
Poses a danger to MENACES
Cry with an accent OLE!
Emphatic rejection SURELY NOT!
Food inspectors test for it E COLI
Thrifty competitor ALAMO
Sticky roll SARAN
Let fly HURL
One leaving a trail SNAIL
What scared horses do REAR
“That’s so sweet!” AWW!
Article ITEM
40 make up a furlong RODS
Exam for the college-bound PSAT
___ fortis (another name for nitric acid) AQUA
Noted export from Holland TULIP BULB
Something North Carolina’s Alcohol Law Enforcement regulates, aptly ALE
Charlie Brown catchphrase GOOD GRIEF!
Ask the obvious question, so to speak BITE
“Ouch!” YEOW!
Indolent IDLE
“___ here!” WE’RE
Maintain AVOW
Reading on the dashboard of the DeLorean in “Back to the Future” YEAR
Improv offering SKIT
Fed. agency that helped take down Al Capone IRS
Secretive org. NSA
Wide gap GULF
Walgreens rival CVS
Symbol for viscosity, in chemistry ETA
Short swim DIP
What phonies put on AIRS
Word before cap or shoe SNOW
Shakespearean schemer IAGO
Classic pop brand NEHI
Flat-faced dogs PUGS
Kind of tea CHAI
“___ Minnow Pea,” 2001 novel with an alphabetically punny title ELLA
Dummy DODO
Setting for some pickup basketball HALF-COURT
Uses sigma notation, in calculus ADDS
Nelson Mandela’s org. ANC
George Eliot’s “___ Marner” SILAS
It’s no bull REAL TALK
Musician Marley, son of Bob DAMIAN
Outlander STRANGER
Command to a dog HEEL
Go-ahead NOD
Many a dad joke GROANER
Stella ___ (imported beer) ARTOIS
Big name in theaters LOEW
Flotsam and jetsam DEBRIS
Japan’s largest brewer ASAHI
English class quiz subject, informally VOCAB
Skateboard jump OLLIE
Imitates Daffy Duck, in a way LISPS
Many a founding father, religiously DEIST
Terra ___ COTTA
Dry (off) TOWEL
Fine china SPODE
“This is fun!” WHEE!
Airline with a crown in its logo KLM
1-1, for one TIE
Something that might accompany a dedication ODE