NY Times Crossword 14 Aug 22, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 14 Aug 22, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Hotel chain operated by Hilton TRU
Banned insecticide DDT
Big voices with big egos DIVAS
Some users of Cyrillic script SLAVS
Antique furniture expert, perhaps RESTORER
Like bills in arrears UNPAID
Freak out PANIC
Sight at a checkout counter CASH REGISTER
Golfer who won the 1998 Masters (Italy) MARK O’MEARA (hiding “ROME” hiding K)
Attach, as a patch SEW ON
“Baa, baa” ma EWE
“Rosy-fingered” Greek goddess EOS
Snitch out RAT ON
World’s end? DEE
Grp. led by Mahmoud Abbas beginning in 2004 PLO
Apples and pears, botanically POMES
Seethe (Norway) DO A SLOW BURN (hiding OSLO hiding A)
Queen Latifah’s given first name DANA
Playwright ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
Benefit BOON
Pipsqueaks TWERPS
Give up all at once (Ecuador) QUIT COLD TURKEY (hiding QUITO hiding C)
Org. with a Summer League NBA
Churn ROIL
Response from a therapist I SEE
Were, for one? WAS
“If we don’t end ___, ___ will end us”: H. G. Wells WAR
Calculus expert? DENTIST
“Inventing ___” (2022 Netflix hit) ANNA
Die-hard LOYAL FAN
Gate in digital logic AND
Major player in U.S. economic policy (Egypt) CHAIR OF THE FED (hiding CAIRO hiding H)
Retired jersey number for the 76ers’ Moses Malone TWO
Post-it notes, e.g. STICK-ONS
Cousin of a plum SLOE
It’s good for three points TRIDENT
Where you might get into hot water SPA
___ Hortons (Canadian chain) TIM
Statistician Silver NATE
Land with an accent over its first letter EIRE
Big inits. in TVs RCA
Boarding group? (Switzerland) TIMBER INDUSTRY (hiding BERN hiding I)
Causes for pauses COLONS
God: Lat. DEUS
Stephen of “V for Vendetta” REA
Except for SAVE
Activity for Santa (Rwanda) MAKING A LIST (hiding KIGALI hiding N)
Scouts B.S.A. members since 2019 GIRLS
Marks, as a ballot XES
“OK, you get it,” for short ETC
De ___ (freshly) NOVO
Used room service, e.g. ATE IN
Hamm of women’s soccer fame MIA
Nickname that’s three consecutive letters of the alphabet STU
Torus-shaped gasket O-RING
One who walks to work? (Qatar) DOG HANDLER (hiding DOHA hiding G)
What this puzzle’s circled letters are with respect to the surrounding shaded squares? CAPITAL GAINS
Quite eccentric OUT THERE
Noted underground adventurer ALICE
Sad ass EEYORE
Burger topping that jacks up the cholesterol FRIED EGG
Rich sources LODES
Kidney-related RENAL
Asphalt component TAR
Daily ___ (news blog) KOS


Clues Answers
Disneyland ride TRAM
McEntire of country music REBA
Old map inits. USSR
Certain coding snippet DO LOOP
Special collection of musical hits? DRUM SOLO
“Je te plumerai la ___” (line from “Alouette”) TETE
Old gold coin DUCAT
___ spot IN A
Seconds, in brief VPS
Open-mouthed responses AAHS
Temptresses in the “Odyssey” SIRENS
Create an elaborate series of deceptions SPIN A WEB
Part of L.V. LAS
Got in the game, perhaps ANTED UP
Watch parties? VIEWERS
Focus for 15-Down SCREEN
It’s a drag TOKE
Big name in power tools DEWALT
Monitors at school, for short RAS
___-Eaters ODOR
Kindle competitor NOOK
Sondheim and Bernstein’s collaborator on “West Side Story” LAURENTS
Pungent party bowlful ONION DIP
Ultra-aggressive MILITANT
Freshly ANEW
Quite a fight BRAWL
Fighting AT IT
“___ días!” BUENOS
Instantly get along well CLICK
Home of the David Geffen School of Drama YALE
Laundry product SOFTENER
Like some 401(k) contributions AFTER TAX
It’s touchy to hit RAW NERVE
“___ Rheingold” DAS
“The Chi” channel, familiarly SHO
It has a devoted following on Sundays NFL
Expiates, with “for” ATONES
“___ out!” YER
Formal farewell ADIEU
Modifier in digital logic NOT
“Oh, really?” IS IT?
Catch a few waves? HEAR
Lloyd of women’s soccer fame CARLI
Talk smack about DISS
Skirt style MIDI
Getting bored with TIRING OF
Kind of cat or rabbit ANGORA
Flat top? MESA
Target of a joke BUTT
Region of Croatia associated with a canine breed DALMATIA
“Did you ring?” YES?
Hybrid farm animal CATTALO
Site acquired by Match.com in 2011 OKCUPID
London’s ___ Row SAVILE
Liquor from Mexico MESCAL
Like em dashes vis-à-vis en dashes LONGER
Benitez of TV news GIO
Fuse by heating below the melting point SINTER
Bomb produced in the 1950s EDSEL
Ritalin target, for short ADHD
Marvin who sang “Sexual Healing” GAYE
Offended HURT
Food that’s a national emblem of Wales LEEK
“Thus …” ERGO …
Standard operating procedures, for short REGS
Clinch ICE
Plasma particle ION
Ambrose Burnside was its first president, for short NRA