NY Times Crossword 14 Oct 18, Sunday

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Number Clues Answers
1 ___ Page, the Queen of Pinups BETTIE
7 Flavorful meat coating SPICE RUB
15 End-of-week cry TGIF
19 O.K. to play, in a way UNHURT
20 Obsession with a single subject MONOMANIA
22 Country’s McEntire REBA
23 “We can’t play that game – I can’t reach it on our shelf!” THE RISK IS TOO HIGH!
25 Operating system developed at Bell Labs UNIX
26 Onetime White House family TAFTS
27 Corroded ATE
28 Sunken ship sites SEABEDS
30 Travel option for Birthright trips EL AL
31 Natural gas component ETHANE
34 Dress (up) TOG
35 Standout ACE
36 Turning point in history ONE BC
38 “My sincerest apologies, but that game is off the table” SORRY, NOT SORRY!
43 Unearth DIG UP
46 Bills BEAKS
47 Many a Snapchat posting SELFIE
48 Suit that’s hard to get into ARMOR
51 Old Buick LESABRE
53 What’s plucked in “she loves me, she loves me not” COROLLA
54 “We can’t play that game unless we borrow someone else’s” I HAVEN’T A CLUE
56 Laughs and laughs HAS
57 French city grid RUES
58 People vis-à-vis gods MERE MORTALS
59 It’s a trek HAJ
60 “It ___” (“Who’s there?” reply) IS I
61 Show overuse, as a sofa SAG
62 They may have attachments EMAILS
63 Strand MAROON
65 Hammarskjöld once of the U.N. DAG
68 Provisions IFS
70 ___ school MED
71 Bone connection with convex and concave fittings SADDLE JOINT
73 ___ Mode, woman in “The Incredibles” EDNA
75 Word repeated in the openings of “Star Wars” movies FAR
76 “I’m begging you, let’s not play that game!” PLEASE, DON’T GO!
77 Antinuclear treaty topic TEST BAN
79 Pop-up site TOASTER
80 Daniel who wrote “Flowers for Algernon” KEYES
81 Island greetings ALOHAS
82 Take over CO-OPT
83 Info in dating profiles TYPES
85 “No, that game would be over in a flash” LIFE’S TOO SHORT
88 One of 26 for Walt Disney OSCAR
91 Common filler words ERS
92 Common filler words UMS
93 “If you are always trying to be ___, you will never know how amazing you can be”: Maya Angelou NORMAL
96 Praise for a picador OLES
98 Frida Kahlo, por ejemplo ARTISTA
100 Novelist McEwan IAN
101 Grammy winner Mary J. ___ BLIGE
102 Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
103 “I’ve finally decided! I’m …” ASKING FOR TROUBLE
109 Small matter ATOM
110 “Looking to go somewhere?” NEED A RIDE?
111 Densest natural element OSMIUM
112 Bead source PORE
113 Officials in ancient Rome TRIBUNES
114 They vary from past to present TENSES


Number Clues Answers
1 Isolated hill BUTTE
2 Surround with light ENHALO
3 1996 Robert De Niro/Wesley Snipes psychological thriller THE FAN
4 Bird in a holiday song TURTLE DOVE
5 “Black ___,” Georgia O’Keeffe painting at the Met IRIS
6 Ewoks or Jawas, in brief ETS
7 One of academia’s Seven Sisters SMITH
8 Impersonate POSE AS
9 It might result in a defensive TD INT
10 Aviary sound COO
11 Full of broodiness, say EMO
12 Cheerleader’s cheer RAH!
13 Synchronized states UNISONS
14 Narcissist’s quality BIG EGO
15 Who you really are TRUE COLORS
17 One of the first birds released by Noah after the flood, in legend IBIS
18 Kind of number not much seen nowadays FAX
21 “Of course!” AHA!
24 Krazy ___ of the comics KAT
29 More villainous BASER
31 Hosp. readout ECG
32 Penalties for illegal bowls in cricket NO-BALLS
33 Largest active Antarctic volcano EREBUS
34 Little ‘un TYKE
37 Vessels seen in 2004’s “Troy” BIREMES
39 Like albino alligators RARE
40 General ___ chicken TSO’S
41 Work (up) RILE
42 Things needed in passing? YEAS
44 Supervillain in DC Comics ULTRAMAN
45 More smoky, as Scotch PEATIER
48 Goals AIMS
49 Bird named for a Titan RHEA
50 Polling calculations MARGINS OF ERROR
52 Spill coffee on, maybe SCALD
53 Blandishment CAJOLERY
55 Actor’s honor, informally NOM
56 Rigid HARD-SET
59 Attacked HAD AT
60 They’re shared among friends IN-JOKES
64 Classic work whose “shorter” version comes in two vols. OED
66 Image on the ceiling of la chapelle Sixtine ANGE
67 Classic Pontiacs GTOS
69 He’s often pictured carrying an hourglass FATHER TIME
71 Apply haphazardly SLAP ON
72 It comes just before a period ONES COLUMN
73 List-ending abbr. ET AL
74 Scale site DELI
75 Fleet FAST
76 When doubled, dismiss out of hand POOH
78 Low voices BASSI
79 Turn’s partner TOSS
82 Secondary loan signer CO-MAKER
84 D.C. insider POL
86 Get-go OUTSET
87 Old vacuum tube TRIODE
89 Suspect statements? ALIBIS
90 Fix, as a model plane REGLUE
94 ___-nest MARE’S
95 Aesop’s “The ___ and the Grasshopper” ANT
97 Is for all intents and purposes SEEMS
98 Taurus or Touareg AUTO
99 ___ Marino SAN
101 Big name in speakers BOSE
102 Go on and on YAP
104 Tyrant Amin IDI
105 Catch NAB
106 “Despicable Me” protagonist GRU
107 Ominous sight at a beach FIN
108 Go bad ROT