NY Times Crossword 15 Oct 19, Tuesday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 15 Oct 19, Tuesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
The limit when there’s no limit SKY
Old rocket stage AGENA
Penne, say PASTA
Clear weeds, say HOE
In good, playable condition, as a piano TUNED
Stephen ___, Justin Trudeau’s predecessor as Canadian P.M. HARPER
Accept as a loss, informally EAT
Frank discussion, perhaps MAN-TO-MAN-TALK (hiding “ANT” and “ANT”)
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Same old, same old RUT
Courses without letter grades PASS/FAIL CLASSES (hiding “ASS” and “ASS”)
Baltimore or Las Vegas newspaper SUN
“Don’t Bring Me Down” grp., 1979 ELO
Classic sci-fi film with a sequel 28 years later TRON
Armed guard, maybe ESCORT
Loosen, as laces UNDO
Order in a pub ALE
Fish-to-be ROE
Road Runner’s call BEEP BEEP! (hiding “BEE” and “BEE”)
Animal that grazes COW
The Spouter in “Moby-Dick,” for one INN
“Ugh!” YECH!
Pessimist’s “optimally” AT BEST
Small criticisms NITS
Fleur-de-___ LIS
God, in Italy DIO
By whatever means CATCH AS CATCH CAN (hiding “CAT” and “CAT”)
Taste that is neither sweet nor salty nor sour nor bitter UMAMI
Sashimi fish AHI
Collect, with “in” RAKE
1970 W.W. II drama with a repetitive name TORA! TORA! TORA! (hiding “RAT” and “RAT”)
Kitten’s plaint MEW
Things doctors see when patients say “aah” UVULAS
Animal in a Shakespearean title SHREW
Building wing ELL
Animal in some ancient cave art BISON
Choice in a coin flip HEADS
Put (down) LAY


Clues Answers
Animal in an insomniac’s count SHEEP
Animal in old Qantas ads KOALA
Abominable Snowmen YETIS
Convenience at a convenience store ATM
Something you should get in writing GUARANTEE
Boredom ENNUI
Stinging weed NETTLE
Big fuss ADO
What a belt holds up PANTS
Klee or Klimt ARTIST
Cold War competition SPACE RACE
Address book no. TEL
Holder of the contents of the circled squares? ARK
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
“Cheers” bartender Sam MALONE
“Put a tiger in your tank” brand ESSO
Late 1990s “must-have” toy FURBY
Elks ___ CLUB
Some concert pieces SOLOS
Animal in a creek NEWT
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Hedgehog of video games SONIC
Constellation with the body of a horse CENTAURUS
Of the eyes OPTIC
Oblong pastry ECLAIR
Some college Greeks PHIS
Physics Nobelist Niels BOHR
Walled city on the coast of France ST-MALO
Lash into SCATHE
Trading board game with “settlers” CATAN
Med. care providers HMOS
Now, in Nogales AHORA
Animal on a cigarette pack CAMEL
Wolf in “The Jungle Book” AKELA
Just now NEWLY
Spot for a soak TUB
Egg: Prefix OVI-
Sturdy hardwood ASH
Reactions to puppy videos AWS