NY Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Early wake-up time FIVE AM
7 Title for Iran’s Ruhollah Khomeini IMAM
11 Herbert of old “Pink Panther” films LOM
14 Penultimate tourney round SEMIS
19 “Doesn’t matter to me” I’M EASY
20 Not yet completed TO DO
21 ___ moment AHA
22 Sash go-with TIARA
23 Ancient capital of Laconia SPARTA
24 Brew SUDS
25 Letters before single, double or triple RBI
26 Lace tip AGLET
27 Casting doubt on CALLING INTO QUESTION (“TOQUE” drops down)
30 Lake Volta’s land GHANA
31 The best, informally ACES
32 Radio/TV character played in film by Michael Horse (1981) and Johnny Depp (2013) TONTO
33 Like some ruins in the Western Hemisphere MAYAN
35 Lookalike TWIN
36 8.5″ x 11″: Abbr. LTR
37 Scare quote? BOO!
38 Words of resignation I QUIT
40 Topic concerned with hacking and software rights CYBERETHICS (“BERET” drops down)
42 Put on a few layers BUNDLE UP
44 Three-star mil. rank LT GEN
45 Pope who supported the House of Borgia PIUS III
47 Diminishing returns? ECHOES
50 They’re between shoulders ROADS
54 Word with shot or suit LONG …
55 Rowdydow ADO
56 Not abstaining USING
57 Much sales RETAIL
58 “No bid” I PASS
60 An end to depend -ENCE
62 Head honcho CEO
63 “Resume speed,” musically A TEMPO
64 Emailing option BCC
65 Riddle-ending query WHAT AM I? (“TAM” dropped down)
67 Toward the stern ABAFT
69 Its first letter stands for “India” IPA
70 Certain tenant ROOMER
72 Lex, e.g., in N.Y.C. AVE
74 Misfortunes ILLS
75 Going for broke ALL IN
77 Sides in Risk ARMIES
78 Bette Midler’s “Divine” nickname MISS M
80 Tense periods, for short OTS
82 Archer of film ANNE
83 Dangerous environment SNAKE PIT (“KEPI” dropping down)
84 Easy-to-swallow pill GELCAP
85 Food item cracked open before eating CRAB LEG
87 Prized duck EIDER
89 It comes after II Chronicles BOOK OF EZRA (“FEZ” dropping down)
91 “Today was just brutal!” I’M SPENT!
94 Coiner of the term “Oedipus complex” FREUD
96 / PER
97 Thickheaded DIM
100 Words of denial NOT I
101 Lost AT SEA
103 All-nighter aid NODOZ
105 Sets of plotted points LOCI
106 Shade of pink CORAL
108 Immediately … or where this puzzle’s five shaded squares appear? AT THE DROP OF A HAT
111 Floor AMAZE
112 Japanese symbol of luck KOI
113 Largo or lento SLOW
114 Swimming NATANT
115 Notable schemer PONZI
116 Some dash lengths EMS
117 Rock stars are frequently on this TOUR
118 Come out EMERGE
119 Standard parts of combo meals SODAS
120 “I’m good, thanks” NAH
121 E-tail site since 2005 ETSY
122 King’s speech? SERMON


Number Clues Answers
1 Kind of year FISCAL
2 Collision IMPACT
3 Calf raised for its meat VEALER
4 Gloucester and Kent in “King Lear” EARLS
5 Certain bubbly, informally ASTI
6 Final work of Willa Cather’s “Prairie Trilogy” MY ANTONIA
7 Tennis commentator’s cry IT’S IN!
8 Police officer who’s not necessarily on horseback MOUNTIE
9 “Play next” command on a music app ADD TO QUEUE
10 Shade of green MOSS
11 Cowboy’s rope LARIAT
12 “Here we go again …” OH BOY …
13 Followers of openers MAIN ACTS
14 By oneself, in a way STAG
15 It’s played for half a beat in 4/4 time EIGHTH NOTE
16 Country whose name consists of three consecutive state postal abbreviations MALAWI
17 Peaceful IRENIC
18 ___ spawn (hellions) SATAN’S
28 “Ooh, let’s do that!” GOOD IDEA!
29 “Eww, that’s enough!” TMI!
34 MetLife Stadium team, on scoreboards NYG
37 Clear and set, as tables BUS
39 Scanned IDs UPCS
41 Italian pistol BERETTA
42 Gets to BUGS
43 One who cracks the whip? LION TAMER
44 Plastic construction piece LEGO BLOCK
45 Serving in a red-and-white striped box POPCORN
46 Totally out IN A COMA
48 Juice brand HI-C
49 Longtime N.B.A. on TNT analyst O’NEAL
51 Who wrote “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.” AA MILNE
52 Action of a ladle DIPPING
53 “Miss ___” (2016 political thriller) SLOANE
54 Some fall births LIBRAS
57 Heroes of the Battle of Britain, for short RAF
61 Mannerly CIVIL
66 Freelancers’ units: Abbr. HRS
68 Colorful treat that resembles a rocket ASTRO POP
71 All-Star Mets catcher of the 1990s-2000s MIKE PIAZZA
73 Corner PC key ESC
74 Tow destination IMPOUND LOT
76 Scat snippet LA LA
79 “Quién ___?” SABE
81 Sanctuaries SAFE ZONES
84 Be conned GET TAKEN
86 [Shiver] [BRR]
88 With 93-Down, half of a double helix DNA
90 Skunklike, say ODOROUS
91 Like TV but not radio? IN CAPS
92 “Old MacDonald” farm sounds MOO MOO
93 See 88-Down STRAND
94 Purchase at an African market FETISH
95 “Yay, team!” RAH!
97 Cause damage DO HARM
98 Volunteer’s declaration I CAN GO
99 Snowball fighter’s protection MITTEN
102 Botanical opening STOMA
104 Marriage money DOWRY
105 “Ciao!” LATER!
107 Gifts that one usually bows when receiving LEIS
109 Certain dirección ESTE
110 What stars have FAME