NY Times Crossword 23 Jun 19, Sunday

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Clues Answers
Word in Facebook and Disney Channel’s original names THE …
Ninny TWIT
Subj. of a National Historic Site outside Wall, S.D. ICBM
Ditties TUNES
Bridge component HAND
Previously owned (second) HAND
Upshot of a story MORAL
Wolf howls, maybe OMENS
Org. concerned with grades USDA
Certain warriors in Magic: The Gathering ORCS
One of three properties in Monopoly PLACE
Silver (second) PLACE
Don at the Met GIOVANNI
Cream and others BEIGES
Attire that flaps in the wind CAPE
E, B, G, D, A or E STRING
B-team (second) STRING
Sports team employee SCOUT
Shell station? SEASHORE
Using without paying royalties, say PIRATING
___ amis (my friends: Fr.) MES
Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
Like a swished basketball shot ALL NET
___ volente (God willing: Lat.) DEO
Aspire AIM
Paroxysm SPASM
It “isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative,” per Maurice Chevalier OLD AGE
Designed to minimize drag AERO
Cooked up IDEATED
What you will always be (but he or she isn’t)? (second) PERSON
Provincial capital south of a lake with the same name WINNIPEG
Recurrent theme TROPE
Indication of good taste? YUM
Famed furrier ASTOR
Low-quality (second) RATE
Major name in network hardware CISCO
___ Tin Tin RIN
“If you can’t imitate him, don’t copy him” speaker BERRA
Introduce oneself SAY “HELLO”
Fruit that, surprisingly, is slightly radioactive BANANA
Supporting role (second) BANANA
Kind of spring found in a mousetrap TORSION
Reassuring words after an accident I’M OK
Attacks GOES AT
Fortitude SPINE
It’s replicated during mitosis DNA
URL ending GOV
Winner’s wreath LAUREL
Product from the Royal Small Arms Factory STEN
Sound while being tickled HEE
Warm winter wear SKI PANTS
Beatrix Potter’s Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, for one HEDGEHOG
“All ___ is but art, unknown to thee”: Alexander Pope NATURE
Deeply ingrained habit (second) NATURE
Leaning BIAS
Nails a test ACES IT
Geniuses, informally SMARTIES
Impressive stylishness CLASS
Not having full rights, as a citizen (second) CLASS
“Up and ___!” AT ‘EM
Home team at Rice-Eccles Stadium UTES
San ___, Calif. MATEO


Clues Answers
Brutish sorts THUGS
“That happened?” HAS IT?
Some revealing beachwear THONGS
Caution WARN
Things that most people have eight of INCISORS
Bear necessities, for short? TDS
Bank of China Tower architect IM PEI
___ Kaepernick, former N.F.L. QB COLIN
Confederate general with a fort named after him BRAGG
Item carried in an academic procession MACE
Bit of outerwear TOPCOAT
Couple of high points? UMLAUT
Twice-monthly coastal phenomena NEAP TIDES
Suffix with defer or insist -ENCE
About 5:00, directionally: Abbr. SSE
Ray or Dave of the Kinks DAVIES
Doris who won the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature LESSING
“Gimme ___!” (Alabama cheerleader’s repeated call) AN A
Author Harte BRET
Walk with a firm, heavy step TRAMP
Staring a bit too long, perhaps CREEPY
Bad tumble HEADER
Objects spinning in an orrery PLANETS
Model for a bust at the Musei Capitolini NERO
Continue GO ON
Knee-covering skirts MIDIS
Nonwinner ALSO-RAN
Drug treatment for Muhammad Ali L-DOPA
Competitor of Sanyo and Bose AIWA
Add to the mix STIR IN
Animation PEP
Subject of a statue outside Boston’s TD Garden ORR
The two sides in chess, essentially ARMIES
Arctic wear ANORAK
Never to be forgotten ETERNAL
Trick-taking game EUCHRE
Talkaholics GABBERS
What movie trailers do TEASE
What cibophobia is the fear of EATING
Specialty of Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson SLIDE GUITAR
Actress Chaplin of “Game of Thrones” OONA
1998 Winter Olympics host NAGANO
Teller? RAT
Poetic direction YON
Majors BIGS
One way to run AMOK
New brother or sister NOVITIATE
Flower for a 20th wedding anniversary ASTER
Bust supporter PEDESTAL
Stieg who wrote “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” LARSSON
Out of business SHUT
Somewhere to chill, paradoxically HOT TUB
Tricorder go-with PHASER
Nice finish, maybe ENAMEL
Sarcastic syllable HAR
Gets warmer, so to speak NEARS
Quaint contradiction ‘TISN’T
Eponymous cup maker REESE
Thomas Cromwell, Earl of ___ ESSEX
Musical miscue BLAT
___ eyes on (see) CLAP
Four-letter U.S. city with the highest population MESA
Ruler units: Abbr. CMS
Five Georges ABE