NY Times Crossword 24 May 20, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 24 May 20, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Battlefield cry ATTACK!
Sprint competitor RACER
Pollen-producing plant part STAMEN
About three miles LEAGUE
Excoriates REVILES
“The Deer Hunter” director Michael CIMINO
An antique might have one PATINA
What a Venn diagram shows OVERLAP
As you inspect each room, you find staff members dressed as ___ APTLY NAMED CELEBRITIES
Suspect #1 COLE (Porter)
Start of a Christmas refrain FA LA
“I like it!” NICE!
Days of old YORE
Word that sounds like a number and is a letter backward ATE
Russian pancakes BLINI
Burn slightly SINGE
Refusals NOS
They’re all ___, so you can easily identify them WEARING NAME TAGS
Popeye’s kid SWEE’PEA
Delta competitor, in brief UAL
Suspect #2 GERARD (Butler)
Have trouble swallowing GAG ON
Like beloved books, often REREAD
Showers RAINS
Tech debut of 1998 IMAC
Tucson school, in brief U OF A
California-based auto company TESLA
Bristle of grain AWN
What it all adds up to SUM
A ways away FAR
Suspect #3 TIM (Cook)
Music for the masses? HYMN
Sly and the Family Stone genre FUNK
Public spat SCENE
Considered SEEN AS
___ fusion (type of cuisine) ASIAN
Some appliances AMANAS
They catch dust bunnies DRY MOPS
It might get a licking: Abbr. ENV
Musical family with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame OSMONDS
In the study, you find that the thief accidentally left behind an ___ APPLE SWEATSHIRT
Some sports cars GTS
“That’s ___” AMORE
Some modern ones are smart TVS
Four-letter word for a four-letter word OATH
In ___ (stuck) A RUT
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Suspect #4 CHET (Baker)
“You caught me!,” says the thief, who then admits: “The diamond isn’t here in my room, but it’s hidden in ___” THE ONE TO THE WEST OF HERE
“Hungry” game characters HIPPOS
What each person gets in an election ONE VOTE
Joined at an angle, as two pieces of wood MITERED
Clothes hanger? TASSEL
Suspect #5 MINNIE (Driver)
Suspect #6 KAREN (Carpenter)
“Easy now ” STEADY


Clues Answers
Source of the robe material for Incan royalty ALPACA
Home brewer TEAPOT
Brooklyn Coll. is part of it CUNY
Thomas who chaired the 9/11 Commission KEAN
Enjoy deeply REVEL IN
Salon brand AVEDA
Magazine audience fig. CIRC
Suspect #7 ELLEN (Page)
Style for Edward Hopper and George Bellows REALISM
What might come with fencing? SCAR
Suspect #8 TIKI (Barber)
Goodwill AMITY
“Despicable Me” character MINION
Intestinal: Prefix ENTERO-
Some knotted ropes NOOSES
Elie Wiesel’s homeland ROMANIA
Lowest of the eight major taxonomic ranks SPECIES
Flambé AFIRE
Japanese box lunch BENTO
Oenology wines :: zythology : ___ : BEERS
Org. in “Die Hard” LAPD
Teri with a “Tootsie” role GARR
It might be snowy EGRET
Move off the bottle WEAN
Chip dip, familiarly GUAC
Badger NAG
Diamond family name ALOU
Like a bad loser SORE
Major source of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere SEAWEED
Janitor’s tool WRINGER
Britain’s Broadway WEST END
City near Monterey Bay SALINAS
Latches (onto) GRABS
Delta preceder GAMMA
Like a Debbie Downer NO FUN
Women of honour DAMES
Kinda -ISH
Very, in Veracruz MUY
Swing and completely miss FAN
Getaway for two lovebirds? ARK
Ireland’s best-selling solo artist ENYA
Home of the original Busch Gardens TAMPA
The compass points N-S-E-W
Hardy bean FAVA
Campfire treat S’MORE
“Too busy” CAN’T
Jr.’s junior SOPH
Suffix with serpent -INE
Leader whose name means, literally, “commander” AMIR
Kilt feature PLEAT
Space to maneuver a ship SEA ROOM
Seeped (through} OSMOSED
Low on dough SHORT
Big launch of 1957 SPUTNIK
“Time for a break” TAKE TEN
Fictional city inspired by New York City GOTHAM
Sauce put on falafel TAHINI
Squash STEP ON
Springsteen’s birthplace, in song THE USA
Knowledgeable (in) VERSED
Music to a hitchhiker’s ears HOP IN
Thucydides had one THETA
Said a 96-Across SWORE
Went with CHOSE
Anika ___ Rose, 2004 Tony winner NONI
Sunrise direction, in Seville ESTE
“Best. Day. ___!” EVER
Stable diet? OATS
Rushing group, informally FRAT