NY Times Crossword 30 Sep 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 30 Sep 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 30 Sep 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Outlaw BAN
4 Electrical systems GRIDS
9 2011 N.B.A. champs, for short MAVS
13 Bahrain bigwigs EMIRS
18 Flap ADO
20 Jesus, for one ALOU
21 Hawaiian island LANAI
22 Tease RIB
23 Nissan Leaf, e.g. ECO-CAR
25 “C’mon, we’ll be fine” ROLL WITH IT
27 1991 Disney heroine BELLE
29 Like many Rolex watches sold on the street FAKE
30 Establish a mood SET THE TONE
31 Epithet for Leona Helmsley QUEEN OF MEAN
34 Sunbeam RAY
35 Persians, e.g. RUGS
36 Fishing tool SPEAR
37 Fishing tool POLE
38 Lovey HON
39 100 centavos PESO
40 Took the trophy WON
43 Ear piece? COB
45 Admiring words I’M A FAN
47 Gave drugs DOSED
48 Accra-to-Khartoum dir. ENE
49 Buildup during vacation EMAIL
51 Fishing tool ROD
52 Troubles AILS
53 Daughter of Anakin and Padmé LEIA
55 Right angle ELL
56 Not on terra firma, say ASEA
57 Makeup of many a veggie dog SOY
58 Watch chain FOB
61 Like merlot and zinfandel, typically FULL-BODIED
64 Equal chance FAIR SHAKE
67 Kind of court APPEALS
68 Back cover? CAPE
69 Leather-clad TV warrior XENA
70 In a footnote CITED
71 Test that’s done in ink RORSCHACH
73 Mary-Kate, to Ashley TWIN SISTER
75 Fictional creature whose name is Old English for “giant” ENT
76 Up on things HIP
77 Grandiose EPIC
80 Command to a dog SPEAK
81 Heist target SAFE
82 Tide detergent capsules PODS
83 New Left org. SDS
84 Basis for a raise MERIT
86 Qualifiers IFS
87 Paroxysm THROE
89 Simba’s father in a Disney musical MUFASA
91 Jets can be found in one SPA
92 Allow to LET
93 Churn ROIL
94 “Mamma Mia!” song that begins “Where are those happy days?” SOS
95 British royal ANNE
97 It’s often served on toasted white bread, for short BLT
99 Cut SAWN
100 N.L. Central player CUB
101 Builder of Israel’s first temple KING SOLOMON
106 Website feature resembling an odometer HIT COUNTER
110 Mate of a colorful bird PEAHEN
111 Hooch BOOZE
113 Western gas brand TESORO
115 Popular fruit drink POM
116 Debunk? ROUST
117 Sixth of 24 ZETA
118 He might provide assistance after a crash IT GUY
119 French article UNE
120 Bit of salon detritus TRESS
121 Collapsed red giant? USSR
122 Marina sights MASTS
123 Item that disturbs sleep four times in this puzzle PEA


Number Clues Answers
1 Backyard get-together, briefly BAR-B-Q
2 “So long” ADIEU
3 Lofty NOBLE
4 Environmental advocacy group GREENPEACE
5 Documentarian Burns who’s the brother of Ken RIC
6 Has a vacation day IS OFF
7 Leave suddenly DECAMP
8 Bunkum SNAKE OIL
9 Home to the 72,000-foot volcano Olympus Mons MARS
10 Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
11 1980s cartoon robot VOLTRON
12 Islamic sovereign SULTAN
13 Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
14 Item lain upon four times in this puzzle MATTRESS
15 Not farmed out IN-HOUSE
16 Chaac, to Mayans RAIN GOD
17 Places SITES
24 Domain REALM
26 “Who’s on First?” left fielder WHY
28 Jazz’s McCann LES
32 Start of the line that includes “wherefore art thou” O ROMEO
33 Approaches NEARS
38 Tippled HAD A FEW
39 Government study, informally POLY-SCI
40 Government aid WELFARE
41 Beating by a hole, in match play ONE-UP ON
42 Rock star known for his 360-degree drum set NEIL PEART
44 Parts of Mr. Clean and Lex Luthor costumes BALD CAPS
46 Antagonist FOE
47 J’adore perfumer DIOR
50 Concerning a pelvic bone ILIAC
52 Certain Far Eastern fruits ASIAN PEARS
54 Shakespeare title starter ALL’S …
56 Suffix with lime -ADE
58 Feature of a probability distribution where extreme events are more likely FAT TAIL
59 Georgia, in the art world O’KEEFFE
60 Doctor’s orders, often BED REST
62 Future plan for many an econ major B-SCHOOL
63 Home of the ancient Temple of Artemis EPHESUS
65 Flavoring in the Mideast drink arak ANISE
66 Cat-meets-dog sound HISS
69 “Skylarking” band XTC
72 Command at a surprise party HIDE!
74 Popular game with 162 cards SKIP BO
78 Common download PDF
79 “Wicked Game” vocalist Chris ISAAK
82 Any of the four people disturbed in this puzzle PRINCESS
84 Where Karl Benz debuted the world’s first auto MANNHEIM
85 16-ounce beers, slangily TALLBOYS
87 Grammy winner Meghan TRAINOR
88 “Yes, quite” HOW TRUE
89 Unsavory connections MOB TIES
90 Criticize snidely SNIPE AT
94 Who wrote “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” SUN TZU
96 Discharged matter EGESTA
98 Overly TOO
99 Top SHIRT
100 ___-de-sac CUL
102 Canoodles, in Britain SNOGS
103 Clean a spill MOP UP
104 Air supply OZONE
105 Setting of Hercules’ first labor NEMEA
107 Wild ___ OATS
108 Grp. with a saving plan? EMTS
109 Parent REAR
114 Dead-end job, e.g. RUT