NY Times Crossword 31 Jan 21, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 30 Jan 21, Saturday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Mannerly CIVIL
Philippine currency PESO
Just open AJAR
Second socks, say MATES
Offer a judgment OPINE
Thing with tags AUTO
Fruit salad fruit KIWI
Sound of exertion GRUNT
Huge celebration after L.A.’s football team wins the Super Bowl? MONSTER RAM RALLY (from “monster truck rally”)
Nice nicety MERCI
Great shakes SEISMS
Oldest tech sch. in the U.S., founded in 1824 RPI
Bygone royalty TSAR
Oodles and oodles A TON
Besmirch SOIL
Big fuss ADO
With 1-Down, address ender DOT …
Schlep LUG
Reason that the prestigious scientific journal refuses articles from President Herbert’s relatives? NATURE ABHORS A HOOVER (from “nature abhors a vacuum”)
Power symbol? CARET
Senate support YEA
___ gras FOIE
Restorative indulgence SPA DAY
Kind of bookstore USED
Oil field sight RIG
It’s symbolized by an elephant, for short GOP
Theater seating option LOGE
Japanese honorific -SAN
Apology from a musician to the other band members? MY SOLO RUNNETH OVER (from “my cup runneth over”)
Best Picture winner that was banned in Vietnam PLATOON
Lena of “Chocolat” OLIN
1957 Jimmy Dorsey hit SO RARE
“Lonely Boy” singer, 1959 ANKA
Morally uncompromised PURE
Many a summer position INTERN
Like writing about how to write META
Epitome of herd mentality LEMMING
Volunteered at a nursery? WORKED FOR PLANTERS (from “worked for nuts”)
General practice? WAR
Idle of Monty Python ERIC
___ Lou Who of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” STU
Elton John or Mick Jagger SIR
District on Hawaii’s west coast KONA
Volcanic substance BASALT
Person fluent in Quechua INCA
Et ___ (footnote abbr.) SEQ
Adding a historic ship as a deal sweetener? THROWING IN THE BOUNTY (from “throwing in the towel”)
Campaign guru POL
Super Bowl played in 2020 LIV
Past AGO
Get hold of SNAG
Hiker’s snack GORP
Article from U.C.L.A.? LOS
Vatican ambassador NUNCIO
Small versions MINIS
Story about a drinking binge? TALE OF THE SCOTCH (from “tale of the tape”)
Frost lines? POEMS
Awards feat, for short EGOT
Puccini piece ARIA
Really lift ELATE
Ed of “Elf” ASNER
Movement based on deliberate irrationality DADA
Be really impressive, informally ROCK
Procrastinate DELAY


Clues Answers
See 35-Across … COM
Uber and Lyft had theirs in 2019, for short IPOS
Tarzan’s transport VINE
Didn’t just request INSISTED
Is dismissed, as a class LETS OUT
On a Seder plate, it represents the arrival of springtime PARSLEY
Port. is part of it EUR
State symbol STAR
Sound from a marching band OOMPAH
Pseudonym lead-in AKA …
Ditch at the last moment JILT
Leatherwork tools AWLS
Largest city on the Arabian peninsula RIYADH
“Lionized” studio MGM
Neighborhood AREA
Gift in “The 12 Days of Christmas” TURTLE DOVE
Trap, of a sort STING
Sheik’s peer EMIR
Free from RID OF
Aussie animals ROOS
Medal above plata ORO
One-up TOP
___ cavity NASAL
Bowl, e.g. ARENA
Prefix with nautical AERO-
One temporarily entrusting property to another BAILOR
Units in the life span of a galaxy AEONS
Ad ___ tax VALOREM
Brink of transition CUSP
Folksy possessive YER
Magazine whose crossword is always accompanied by a photograph PEOPLE
Rigged card game MONTE
Hooked up, as oxen YOKED
Wolfs (down) SNARFS
Supergiant in Orion RIGEL
Hall-of-Fame quarterback for the Colts UNITAS
More balanced TRUER
In ___ way HARM’S
Rail container for liquids TANK CAR
Bakery buy DANISH
Cloth woven from flax fibre IRISH LINEN
So last year NOT IN
“You can’t make me!” I WON’T!
Female goat NANNY
Gloomy, weatherwise GRAY
Place to surf WEB
Haydn’s “The Creation” and others ORATORIOS
Step on a ladder RUNG
The Berenstain Bears live in one TREE
“A merry old soul,” in a nursery rhyme KING COLE
Crack up, in textspeak LOL
Bit of kindling TWIG
U.S. counterpart to Britain’s MI6 CIA
___-Norman French ANGLO
Common call on a 3rd-and-1 QB SNEAK
Not black-and-white NUANCED
Sticker worn in November I VOTED
How some practical jokes go TOO FAR
Burden ONUS
Prairie east of the Andes PAMPA
Two-fifths of one quarter DIME
Sitar selection RAGA
Move laboriously PLOD
Houston M.L.B.’er ‘STRO
Stressed, in a way: Abbr. ITAL
Multiple of tetra- OCTA-
Union member of the 20th century, for short SSR
Concern for one catching a connection, briefly ETA
Sound from a drunk HIC!
“Stop right there!” HEY!