NY Times Crossword 5 Jul 20, Sunday

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Clues Answers
1/48 of a cup: Abbr. TSP
Ad Council offerings, for short PSAS
Home of the Kaaba MECCA
Spartan BARE
“The Problem With ___” (2017 documentary) APU
Orator’s platform SOAPBOX
“Never meet your ___” (maxim) IDOLS
Less wild TAMER
Done working: Abbr. RET
About which you might always say “Bee prepared”? HONEY
They take the form of self-flying paper airplanes in the Harry Potter books MEMOS
Topping for a 25-Across ICING
Piece of cake, say DESSERT
Improv class exercises SCENES
Without aim IDLY
Fish whose males bear the young SEAHORSE
Evening gala SOIREE
Note-taking spot? ATM
Sustained period of luck, as with dice HOT HAND
Litter critter PUP
Floor plan unit SQUARE FOOT
Restless desire ITCH
What Franklin famously asked for RESPECT
Floor plan spec AREA
Blog feed inits. RSS
Debtor’s letters IOU
Email holder INBOX
Something lent to a friend EAR
Set of skills, metaphorically TOOLBOX
Father of Scout, in “To Kill a Mockingbird” ATTICUS
Declare AVOW
Best Actor winner Malek RAMI
Normandy battle site ST-LO
Last dance? SENIOR PROM
Managed an unmanageable group, figuratively HERDING CATS
Wonder Woman accessory LASSO
Aware of IN ON
Playroom chest TOY BOX
Downwind ALEE
They’re worn on heads with tails TOP HATS
Was first LED
Ka ___ (southernmost point on Hawaii) LAE
Prefix with -graph EPI-
Run on YAK
Singer Brickell EDIE
Believed something without question ATE IT UP
Commercial lead-in to land LEGO-
Elizabeth Warren vis-à-vis former chief justice Earl Warren, e.g. NO RELATION
It’s frequently under fire ASH
Prepare to bathe UNDRESS
Olivia Benson’s division on TV: Abbr. SVU
Conditional word UNLESS
Expressively creative ARTISTIC
First of the metalloids BORON
Border ABUT
Flight recorder BLACK BOX
___ complex MARTYR
A much greater quantity FAR MORE
Lead-in to fit or active RETRO-
___ New Guinea PAPUA
Foreword INTRO
Org. that kicked off again in 2020 after a 19-year hiatus XFL
Studio behind “Platoon” and “Amadeus” ORION
Salary negotiator AGENT
Adversary ENEMY
Embodiment of slipperiness EEL
Word before or after short STOP
One of the six simple machines WEDGE
State pair: Abbr. SENS
Mrs., in Mexico SRA


Clues Answers
Transportation for the Doctor on “Doctor Who” TARDIS
Small suit SPEEDO
Tries to make the unappealing attractive PUTS LIPSTICK ON A PIG
Eeyore-ish sentiment POOR ME
Stocking stuffer SANTA
Donkey Kong, e.g. APE
Play charades MIME
Setting for a Sistine Chapel painting EDEN
Results from COMES OF
“Methought I was enamour’d of an ___”: Titania ASS
Brand of rum BACARDI
Improper AMISS
Best Actress winner Zellweger RENEE
Tiny fractions of joules ERGS
“___ Would Be King,” 2018 novel by Wayétu Moore SHE
Attach, in a way TIE ON
Stack topper SYRUP
Iconic Chevy CAMARO
“You nailed it!” THAT’S THE TICKET!
___ page FAQ
Spanish “now” AHORA
Olympic pentathlete’s need EPEE
Well-being HEALTH
Purse part STRAP
Flying Clouds and Royales REOS
Be fully qualified or a hint to this puzzle’s theme TICK ALL THE BOXES
Author of “The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure” COUSTEAU
Czech reformer Jan HUS
Coastal inlets RIAS
It might get a licking ENVELOPE
Combination meant to change behavior CARROT AND STICK
Starter earring STUD
Play piano, informally TICKLE THE IVORIES
Machu Picchu builder INCA
Something frequently made with the eyes shut WISH
X-ray alternative, maybe MRI
Spanish treasure ORO
Anthem starter O SAY
Businesses with a portmanteau name MOTELS
“It Ain’t Me Babe” songwriter DYLAN
Percolate SEEP
No. in a directory TEL
Wimbledon wear, perhaps SKORT
Chooses not to act SITS BY
Academia figure DEAN
It follows the Hijri calendar ISLAM
Protruding bit of bedrock OUTCROP
Form a new mental picture of REIMAGE
Got away ESCAPED
Sharing word OUR
Canon competitor NIKON
Leaves weaponless UNARMS
One participating in a new Summer Olympics sport in 2021 SURFER
Fashion designer McCartney STELLA
Heads-up ALERT
Two to one, say RATIO
Time and again OFTEN
Warner ___ BROS
Like the Liberty Bell in 1846, for the last time RUNG
Big name in British art TATE
Hall-of-Fame catcher Campanella ROY
Print maker PAW
Tulsa-to-Des Moines dir. NNE