NY Times Crossword 9 Sep 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 9 Sep 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 9 Sep 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 No-goodnik BUM
4 “So long, dear boy” TA-TA
8 Soap scent LILAC
13 Test for purity ASSAY
18 Bullet ___ (1950s fashion fad) BRA
19 Hiding, with “up” HOLED
20 TD Garden, for one ARENA
21 Jordan who directed “Get Out” PEELE
22 Overwhelm SNOW UNDER
24 Result of a photographic memory TOTAL RECALL
26 Neighbor of Hungary SLOVENIA
27 Harbinger OMEN
29 Whopper inventor LIAR
30 Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
31 Minor’s opposite ADULT
33 Where the U.S. won its 1,000th Summer Olympic gold RIO
34 Chooses OPTS
35 Id restrainer EGO
36 Sangfroid POISE
37 Pair of diamonds? BATTING GLOVES
41 Swear AVOW
42 Robin Williams role in a 1991 blockbuster PETER PAN
44 Reasons to hold one’s nose ODORS
45 Fan sounds WHIRS
46 Horror assistant IGOR
47 Big name in water filters BRITA
48 “I wish!” IF ONLY!
50 Black brew ASSAM TEA
53 Item at the end of a wizard’s staff ORB
54 Man just after kneeling? SIR
55 Uncompromisingly direct BLUNT
56 Classic Chevy VETTE
58 Bunker SAND TRAP
63 They involve mixed feelings … or a hint to four squares in this completed puzzle LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIPS
67 2008 campaign slogan YES WE CAN
68 Major fashion capital MILAN
69 Actress Thompson of “Thor: Ragnarok” TESSA
70 ___ league (amateur sports group) REC
71 Efficiency stat MPG
72 Payment to a building board CONDO FEE
75 Dance in 3/4 time BOLERO
78 Set of values ETHOS
80 “___ bien” ESTA
81 One smoothing the way? PAVER
82 Leaves in STETS
83 Option for moving an investment ROLLOVER IRA
87 Neighborhood AREA
88 Parts of many law firm names AMPERSANDS
91 Camera setting F-STOP
92 “___ out!” (ump’s cry) YER
93 Hello or goodbye CIAO
94 ___ long way GO A
95 Dukes FISTS
96 O’er and o’er OFT
97 Folkie Guthrie ARLO
98 Chocolate chip cookie starters? CEES
100 One of the Corleones in “The Godfather” FREDO
102 Symbol of luck FOUR-LEAF CLOVER
105 Public nudity or foul language INDECENCY
109 Place to chat FORUM
110 “Princess ___ Theme” (John Williams composition) LEIA’S
111 Chocolatier since 1845 LINDT
112 Stooge with a bowl cut MOE
113 Checks STEMS
114 Certain break point AD OUT
115 Cries of approval YAYS
116 Division in geology EON


Number Clues Answers
1 Small balls BBS
2 Graveside container URN
3 Attire for the Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld MAO SUIT
4 Author Morrison TONI
5 Director of the “M*A*S*H” finale ALDA
6 Simple top TEE
7 Skillful ADROIT
8 Delayed LATE
9 Weights, informally IRON
10 Court do-over LET
11 Parallels ANALOGS
12 Islamic state CALIPHATE
13 Copycats APERS
14 Short time, for short SEC
15 Manta ray, by another name SEA DEVIL
16 “The Crucible,” for McCarthyism ALLEGORY
17 Mustard and saffron YELLOWS
19 One living off the land HUNTER-GATHERER
23 “Why am I not surprised?” WHAT ELSE IS NEW?
25 “Darn!” RATS!
28 Drive MOTOR
31 ___ Store APP
32 Mate for Bambi DOE
33 Supervised RAN
37 Milhouse’s toon friend BART
38 Dashboard warnings, informally IDIOT LIGHTS
39 Imaginary NOT REAL
40 Partner of smash GRAB
41 “Kung Fu” actor Philip AHN
43 Fruit juice brand POM
45 Basically what was said WORDS TO THAT EFFECT
47 Boxer upset in the biopic “Cinderella Man” BAER
48 Golfer Aoki ISAO
49 Nordic native FINN
50 Soothing succulent ALOE
51 Explorers and Expeditions SUVS
52 Fair EVEN
55 Journalist Nellie BLY
57 The Great ___ (Satan) TEMPTER
58 ___-Soviet SINO
59 Cartoon in which one cow says to another “Hey, wait a minute! This is grass! We’ve been eating grass!” THE FAR SIDE
60 Climb RISE
61 View from a pew APSE
62 Free TV spot, for short PSA
64 Taiwanese computer giant ACER
65 It might be topped with guacamole TACO
66 Tic ___ (mints) TACS
71 Give (out) METE
73 Modernists, for short NEOS
74 Internet connection inits. DSL
75 Sandal-less, say BAREFOOT
76 Score starter OVERTURE
77 Shepherd’s scene LEA
79 Great Plains tribe OSAGE
81 Bribes PAYOFFS
82 Sent up SPOOFED
83 Nutrition fig. RDA
84 “I’ll cover this” IT’S ON ME
85 Nonsense ROT
86 H.S. courses for college credit APS
88 Suffix with large numbers -AIRE
89 17-year-old Peace Nobelist Yousafzai MALALA
90 In too curious a manner NOSILY
93 Composes CALMS
98 Fancy French home CHATEAU
99 Once, once ERST
100 The Bravest in the Big Apple, for short FDNY
101 N.L. Central squad REDS
103 Ingredient in a Bali Hai cocktail RUM
104 Certain tech exec CIO
106 Actress Long NIA
107 Tender sound COO
108 Currency with denominations of 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 YEN