NY Times Crossword Answers 1 Jul 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword Answers 1 Jul 2018, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword Answers 1 Jul 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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1Played for a foolUSED
5Total messFIASCO
11Big piece of cakeSLAB
19“It’s all good”NOT A BIG DEAL
21Guido ___, painter of the “Crucifixion of St. Peter”RENI
22“Do I ___!”EVER
23Trying to show no signs of lifePLAYING DEAD
24Show out?STAGE DOOR
26Metaphorical time in hellCOLD DAY
27Future exec, maybeMBA
28Began a PC sessionLOGGED IN
29Seminary study: Abbr.REL
30One who “went a-courtin’,” in a children’s songFROGGY
32Hurried alongRACED
33Asian berry marketed as a “superfood”GOJI
36“Darth Vader is Luke’s father,” e.g.SPOILER
38Kind of yogaHATHA
39Lily Potter’s maiden name in the Harry Potter booksEVANS
42Attention gettersAHEMS
44Longtime CBS police proceduralNCIS
48Voodoo, e.g.DARK ART
50Quite a bash, in slangPARTAY!
52Partner of shockAWE
53Wrecks, as chancesTORPEDOES
55Relating to gapsLACUNAR
59Norm: Abbr.STD
63Bit of office greeneryPOTTED PLANT
65Dead end signNO OUTLET
67Kind of stateZEN
68Was forced to turn down an invitationHAD PLANS
69Big character?BLOCK LETTER
71Take as a brideWIVE
72News commentator NavarroANA
73Ball of yarn and othersCAT TOYS
74Confession inducersTRUTH SERA
77“Jeez, you should keep that private”TMI
78Get downBOOGIE
79Go as far down asSTOOP TO
84___ diagramVENN
86Green surroundings?TRAPS
91“You betcha!”UH-HUH!
93Had a leading role?USHERED
96S or MSIZE
97Sam of Watergate hearingsERVIN
98Ipecac, e.g.EMETIC
99Openly gayOUT
101Fix, as a mess of wiresUNTANGLE
103Singer GarfunkelART
104Big part of an orchestraSTRINGS
108Bottle for a beachgoerSUNTAN OIL
109It’s left on a highway … or a path used by five answers in this puzzle?PASSING LANE
111___ about (approximately)ON OR
112A littleSOME
113“Yeah, it makes sense”I CAN SEE THAT
114Nota ___BENE
115Had too much, for shortOD’ED
116Go on a drinking spree, in slangGET LIT
117Nuggets in “Poor Richard’s Almanack”SAWS


1Not using sensitive language, sayUN-PC
3List ender: Abbr.ET AL
4Not wait till evening to crack a bottleDAY-DRINK
5Semester’s endFINALS
6Rapper ___ AzaleaIGGY
7General’s assistant: Abbr.ADC
8Tool for undoing stitchesSEAM RIPPER
9What many runners do before a marathonCARBO-LOAD
10SenectitudeOLD AGE
11“r u 4 real?”SRSLY?
12Jared of “Dallas Buyers Club”LETO
13Nerd’s epithet for the president?ANAGRAM
14Lions and tigersBIG CATS
15Tidbit with rice in Creole cuisineRED BEAN
17It’s under helium in the periodic tableNEON
18Dog’s warningGRR!
30___ NewsFOX
31Annoy, in a wayGRATE ON
33Goal for many a H.S. dropoutGED
34Donations to certain clinicsOVA
35Pantry itemJAR
37David ___, C.I.A. director under ObamaPETRAEUS
38“Watch it!”HEY!
40Took a breatherSAT
43Possess, as thou mightHAST
45Old Testament landCANAAN
46“Pick me! Pick me!”I WANNA!
47Certain Spanish muralsSERTS
49Elapse, as yearsROLL BY
51Braided floor coveringROPE RUG
54Where coal miners workPITS
55Doesn’t botherLEAVES BE
56Telly pitchADVERT
571040 reviewer, for shortCPA
58Humerus connectionULNA
59“How uncool!”SO LAME!
60“Yer darn ___!”TOOTIN’
61It may bring a tear to one’s eyeDUCT
64“___ Is Us” (65-Down drama)THIS
65See 64-DownNBC TV
66Bout result, in briefTKO
67Like a game with equal winners and losersZERO-SUM
70‘Vette optionT-TOP
71Happenin’ placeWHERE IT’S AT
75Election that’s too close to callTIGHT RACE
80Like many clowns and beachside housesON STILTS
81Kennedy Library architectPEI
82Nickname for a devilTAZ
83Flowery poemODE
85Help growNURTURE
86“You agree?”THINK SO?
87Enjoy consistent, favorable luck, in poker lingoRUN GOOD
89Story lineARC
92Sort of rooftop unit, familiarlyHVAC
94Another name for a porpoise or dolphinSEA PIG
95Certain domain suffixDOT NET
97Subject of a 2001-02 scandalENRON
98Caught congersEELED
100Strong desireURGE
101___ ReaderUTNE
102Shade of greenLIME
104“Absolutely!,” to AlejandroSI SI!
105Capital of OkinawaNAHA
106Chew (on)GNAW
107Match makers?SETS
108Get all blubberySOB
110Show with Kate McKinnon, for shortSNL