NY Times Crossword Answers 12 Aug 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword Answers 12 Aug 2018, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword Answers 12 Aug 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Begin START
6 Commercial aunt since 1889 JEMIMA
12 Prep to find fingerprints DUST
16 Checkup sounds AHS
19 Deduce INFER
20 Rabid supporters ULTRAS
21 Steel head? JP MORGAN
23 Land O’Lakes and Breakstone’s? BUTTER RIVALS (from “bitter rivals”)
25 Part of the SkyTeam Alliance ALITALIA
26 With severity STERNLY
27 The only way to get respect, so they say EARN IT
29 Kind of torch TIKI
30 Commies REDS
31 Ministering? WORKING THE SOUL (from “working the soil”)
35 Giant in direct sales AMWAY
37 Pro or con SIDE
38 Vientiane native LAO
39 Stag’s mate DOE
40 Laundry unit LOAD
41 “Inside the N.B.A.” analyst beginning in 2011 O’NEAL
43 Wunderkinds, say PHENOMS
47 “Damn, I can’t seem to get a ball into fair territory!”? CURSES! FOULED AGAIN (from “Curses! Foiled again”)
53 Fabrication LIE
54 Chicago airport code ORD
55 Wide divide CHASM
56 Lose an all-in hand, say GO BUST
57 Vitriol BILE
58 Aziz of “Master of None” ANSARI
60 Most susceptible to sunburn PALEST
61 Biblioklept’s targets BOOKS
62 Like a trip overland from Venezuela to Bolivia? JUNGLE ALL THE WAY (from “jingle all the way”)
67 Musical closings CODAS
70 Easy buckets LAYUPS
71 Tiny, multitentacled creatures HYDRAS
75 Operating system since the early ’70s UNIX
76 Mother ___ TERESA
77 “Robinson Crusoe” author DEFOE
80 Fútbol stadium cry OLE!
81 Ingredient in a Cuba libre RUM
82 Expensive line of nonsense someone throws you? HUNDRED-DOLLAR BULL (from “hundred-dollar bill”)
85 Novel endings, maybe EPILOGS
87 Informal assertion of authority SEZ ME
88 Indigo source ANIL
89 Part of NGO NON-
90 Orders HAS
93 “Feed me!,” maybe MEOW!
94 Tannery stock HIDES
95 “What are you hauling in there?” and “How many axles you running?” TRUCK QUESTIONS (from “trick questions”)
100 Course PATH
101 Actress Moreno RITA
102 One putting others down ABASER
103 Ivory, e.g. BAR SOAP
106 In a state AGITATED
108 Entering your middle name, then date of birth, then adding a “1,” etc.? PASSWORD HUNT (from “password hint”)
112 Missile in a mating ritual LOVE DART
113 Best of all possible worlds UTOPIA
114 Amounts to COSTS
115 Amount to ARE
116 “… ish” … OR SO
117 Nitpicky know-it-all PEDANT
118 Scoring factor at a crossword tournament SPEED


Number Clues Answers
1 Bros, e.g. SIBS
2 Letter-shaped fastener T-NUT
3 Subsequently AFTERWARDS
4 Sadly unoriginal works RETREADS
5 In vogue TRENDY
6 Box of 12? JURY
7 Manning with two Super Bowl M.V.P. awards ELI
8 “I want my ___” (1980s slogan) MTV
9 Suggestion from a financial adviser, for short IRA
10 Rami ___ of “Mr. Robot” MALEK
11 Attack vigorously ASSAIL
12 Title role for Jamie Foxx DJANGO
13 Like the Statue of Liberty at night UPLIT
14 Most common U.S. surname SMITH
15 Wee one TOT
16 Trattoria option that means “garlic and oil” AGLIO E OLIO
17 Poem name whose singular and plural forms are the same HAIKU
18 Slowness embodied SNAIL
22 Betrays, in a way RATS ON
24 “Treasure Island” monogram RLS
28 Genetic messenger RNA
31 Excessive lovers of the grape WINOS
32 Classical theater ODEUM
33 Concrete REAL
34 Temptation location EDEN
35 Big name in soda cans and foil ALCOA
36 Show grief MOURN
37 Guest bed, in a pinch SOFA
42 Extended writer’s blocks? LEGAL PADS
43 Scrapbooking need PASTE
44 Big success HIT
45 Good source of calcium MILK
46 Grasps SEES
48 Hosiery shades ECRUS
49 Hebrew letter on a dreidel SHIN
50 American Girl products DOLLS
51 Keep watch for, maybe ABET
52 Overdo it on the praise GUSH
57 “The Lord of the Rings” actor Billy BOYD
59 He fought alongside Achilles AJAX
60 Remote button PAUSE
61 Aspirin maker BAYER
63 Narrow valleys GLENS
64 Oreo ingredient until the mid-’90s LARD
65 One ogling EYER
66 “You just blew my mind!” WHOA!
67 Medical breakthrough CURE
68 “Movin’ ___” ON UP
72 Wide-swinging blow ROUNDHOUSE
73 CBS’s “Kate & ___” ALLIE
74 Peddles SELLS
76 Harbor sight TUG
77 Box of 12, say DOZEN
78 “Ticklish” toys ELMOS
79 Raced FLEW
82 [The light turned green! Go!] HONK!
83 Free trial version DEMO
84 Where you might open a whole can of worms? BAIT SHOP
86 Track down LOCATE
90 Move in the direction of HEAD TO
91 Jerk ASS
92 Rise to the occasion STEP UP
94 Comedic duo? HARD C’S
95 Skipping syllables TRA-LA
96 Difficulty RIGOR
97 2022 World Cup host QATAR
98 Alternatives to cabs UBERS
99 About to blow one’s top IRATE
100 3, 4 or 5, usually PAR
103 What a 76-Down pulls BOAT
104 Certain buy-in ANTE
105 Vet’s malady, for short PTSD
107 Kerfuffle ADO
109 Turf SOD
110 Luxury hotel amenity SPA
111 Get gold from one’s lead? WIN